Andrew Miller

Latin America, the next Mecca for digital nomads

LIMA – Niels Olson, Ecuadorian Minister of Tourism, is working hard to bring “digital nomads” to his country. He believes that attracting this new generation of freelancers who can work from anywhere for extended visits is a unique opportunity for everyone. Olson recently tweeted that the average New York-based freelancer …

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The Silk Road: 8 goods traded along the old network

The Silk Road was not a single route, but rather a vibrant trade network that crisscrossed central Eurasia for centuries, connecting distant cultures. Traveling on camels and horses, traders, nomads, missionaries, warriors, and diplomats not only traded exotic goods, but also transferred knowledge, technology, medicine, and religious beliefs that have …

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Top 10 sustainable places in the world

Traveling is not only about seeing the wonders of the earth, but also about understanding our impact on it. More and more frequently, people seek to move from being a “tourist” to that of a “conscious traveler” by finding ways to maximize the positive impacts on the places they visit. …

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