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September 22, 2021 – The city of Dubrovnik is positioned as one of the best-prepared destinations to welcome digital nomads, after the success of the In-Residence project. From now on, it invites economic entities and other city services to present new offers for digital nomads and thus continue their arrival.

The city of Dubrovnik, through the Administrative Department of Tourism, Economy and the Sea, announces a public invitation to the participation of economic entities in the definition of the offer of Dubrovnik as a destination for digital nomads, reports HrTurizam. The Call invites all interested parties to express their interest through new offerings for digital nomads which include accommodation, catering, transport, commerce and other social activities and services in tourism, which would encourage digital nomads to choose the City as their place of residence.

Namely, by amending the legislation on January 1, 2021, the Republic of Croatia introduced visas that regulate the temporary stay of so-called digital nomads. It has thus become only the fifth country in the world to regulate the market, which currently covers 4.8 million people, and which could shelter 17 million people in the future. The initiative of the Government of the Republic of Croatia was launched due to the fact that more and more people around the world are working exclusively online, and the increase in interest in this specific way of life has furthermore been influenced by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. .

With its geographic location, natural and cultural heritage, and safe environment for comfortable living, Dubrovnik certainly has the prospect of becoming one of the top destinations for digital nomads, with many benefits for the locals. In order to diversify the tourist offer and strive to become a year-round destination, the City of Dubrovnik has recognized digital nomads as one of its tourist niches, which is why in 2020 it organized a special conference to discuss digital nomads and implemented the “Dubrovnik Digital Nomad In-Residence” project, which was successful and attracted the attention of the international public.

To position itself in this market, with excellent communication technologies developed by the City of Dubrovnik, it is necessary to adapt, to follow the trends and market requirements of this segment of tourism. In this context, it is important to involve employers in the development of new offers for digital nomads that will attract them and ultimately reap benefits for the whole community.

Applicants are required to provide information about their business or trade and a statement of intention to participate in this project with the benefits that registered digital nomads can use with them.

Applications are accepted by e-mail: This e-mail address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until September 30, 2021.

For more news and articles on digital nomads in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN section.

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Bar Review: Jigger & Pony Explores What It Means To Be Decent With Their New Menu, Lifestyle News http://lostnomad.org/bar-review-jigger-pony-explores-what-it-means-to-be-decent-with-their-new-menu-lifestyle-news/ http://lostnomad.org/bar-review-jigger-pony-explores-what-it-means-to-be-decent-with-their-new-menu-lifestyle-news/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 02:42:05 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/bar-review-jigger-pony-explores-what-it-means-to-be-decent-with-their-new-menu-lifestyle-news/

In these troubled times – with the Taliban takeover and global security concerns it’s not just about our pandemic becoming rampant – it’s easy to forget that it doesn’t take much to be a decent human being. Let the folks at Jigger & Pony remind us with their latest 62-page menuzine.

Designed for the experience of reconnecting with others, A Decent Menu offers a list of 24 cocktails (all at $ 25 ++ each), but the magazine’s stories and articles also explore what it means to be decent today.

Having lived as digital nomads before the hit of Covid-19, it’s no wonder we’re drawn to drinks that evoke a sense of belonging – an area where Jigger & Pony does well with members of the team from different parts of the world.

On the one hand, their interpretation of the Spumoni is a story of Italy meeting Japan in Singapore. Long, refreshing with a hint of Campari bitterness, this gin-based drink gets notes of citrus, green tea and Sancho pepper from Nikka Coffey Gin. The grapefruit soda then brings it together with a tangy lift.

You’ll find another sparkling option in Jasmine & Rice, a champagne cocktail inspired by Singapore’s tropical flower landscape that blooms year-round. The creaminess of the rice is balanced by the coconut and caramel notes of aged rum and the floral notes of jasmine tea – there is almost a zen feel.


If we’ve had you at tea, don’t miss the Soy Milk Punch either. Composed of oolong tea, clarified soy milk punch connects its tannins with those of the red wine float, resulting in a creamy mouthfeel, unlike the astringency you might expect. The use of Ki No Bi gin and the addition of lychee bring out beautiful aromatic and floral notes.

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We then head to Korea with a high version of somaek, more commonly known as the soju bomb in these regions. 15-year-old scotch joins artisanal soju (the brewery’s history dates back to the Joseon Dynasty) infused with hops and passion fruit to recreate the essentials of the Korean boilermaker. Served with a block of ice on the long spoon so that the drink can be ‘bombarded’, this is perhaps Jigger & Pony’s most fun cocktail to date.


Throughout the six months of developing this menu, the team has also found decent and like-minded partners in different industries. One particular fruit of the collaboration to enjoy is the Espresso Martini, showcasing the bar’s PPP Coffee blend (formerly known as Papa Palheta).

The cocoa tile filling is the metaphorical cherry on top, with its sweet-and-savory pastry flavors enhancing the full-bodied concoction of coffee and vodka.

The boozy drink of our evening was Sazerac black pepper, and boy, it was fierce. As part of Jigger & Pony’s efforts to recognize the importance of humble ingredients, the team managed to extract that spicy, intoxicating scent as well as the woodiness of black pepper.

Paired with Maker’s Mark 46 bourbon and Canadian Km12 gin with resinous and pine notes, this is a cocktail you will love or hate. Our proposal ? Share it with your friends at the table.


For sea bass bites, we highly recommend the Jamon Iberico Toast ($ 24, two pieces), where almost sweet nutty slices of nicely marbled ham sit on layers of salty stracciatella cheese, cultured butter, and milk bread. thick.

If you’re visiting the bar in a larger group, check out the selection of cold cuts (S $ 45) to share. Accompanied by slices of sourdough, our plate included coppa ham, spicy chorizo, pork terrine topped with cranberries and crisp oxtail rillettes.

Jigger & Pony is located at Amara Singapore, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088539, p. +65 9621 1074. Open Tue-Sun 4 pm-10.30pm. Closed Mon.

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This article first appeared in Nomads of the city.

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Latin America, the next Mecca for digital nomads http://lostnomad.org/latin-america-the-next-mecca-for-digital-nomads/ http://lostnomad.org/latin-america-the-next-mecca-for-digital-nomads/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 17:22:23 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/latin-america-the-next-mecca-for-digital-nomads/

LIMA – Niels Olson, Ecuadorian Minister of Tourism, is working hard to bring “digital nomads” to his country. He believes that attracting this new generation of freelancers who can work from anywhere for extended visits is a unique opportunity for everyone.

Olson recently tweeted that the average New York-based freelancer could cut their standard monthly costs from $ 4,000 to $ 1,000 by moving to Ecuador.

Living in a city like Puerto López, he writes, the independent expatriate could “work by the sea, live with a predominantly vaccinated population, in the same time zone, (enjoy) an excellent climate and eat fruit. fresh sea “. For Ecuador, the new influx of visitors with money to spend would help boost the country’s economy.

To this end, he says, the government of President Guillermo Lasso is preparing a temporary residence visa for these workers. It “allows foreigners to work remotely for foreign companies in Ecuador. How does this benefit our country? By bringing currencies into our economy and creating jobs, ”Olson said.

Ecuador wants to be the first Latin American country to issue such visas, and the timing could not be better. While online freelancers were already moving from country to country before COVID-19, the pandemic has brought their current number to around 100 million worldwide. The Inter-American Development Bank estimates that there could be one billion mobile digital workers by 2050.

Latin America wants to compete with Europe

Some European countries are already issuing visas for digital nomads. They include Germany, Portugal, Iceland, Croatia, Estonia and the Czech Republic, but in the Americas only four countries are on the list, namely Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Panama and Costa Rica.

In August 2021, Costa Rica approved a law for remote workers and international service providers, aimed at attracting digital nomads and making its travel industry more competitive. The law provides legal guarantees and specific tax exemptions for teleworkers choosing to make the country their place of work.

It allows foreign nationals earning more than $ 3,000 per month to stay in the country for up to one year, with the option to renew their visa for an additional year. If the applicants are a family, the required income is $ 5,000.

Carlos Ricardo Benavides, the legislator promoting this law, affirms that it will be a stimulus for the “economic reactivation of Costa Rica. With this legislation, which is pioneering in its field, Costa Rica has an excellent tool to make the country a destination of choice “.

Neighboring Panama is also creating short-term residences for remote workers and is considering extending tourist visas. The country hopes to use foreign funds spent on hotels, retail and local services to jumpstart an economy that shrank 17.9% in 2020.

Mexico offers temporary residences to attract digital nomads

Mexico, meanwhile, does not offer a specific visa for digital nomads but remains one of their favorite destinations, with 20 Mexican cities currently hosting remote workers. $ 1,650 in monthly income or a bank balance of at least $ 27,000).

In Colombia, the government has approved a business law that includes special migration rules. It states that the “Government, through the Ministry of External Relations, will accelerate a special regime for the entry, stay and work of digital nomads. […] with the aim of promoting the country as a center for remote work. “

When it comes to choosing a destination, taxes are often a determining factor for digital nomads. Foreigners should take into account the facilities and infrastructure provided by the host country, says Valeria Galindo, partner in personnel consulting services at accounting firm EY Perú. But no less important in the choice of destination are “the tax consequences that moving to a foreign country may have for themselves and their business.” terms of the company’s settlement agreements.

AirBnB partners with the city of Buenos Aires

Why are various Latin American countries wooing digital nomads as residents? A study by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, titled “Work and Wander: Meet Today’s Digital Nomads,” found that 87% of them earn about $ 4,500 per month and spend about 36% of that income wherever they go. resident. Their work profiles were a mix of writing, sales and computer programming.

The Nomadlist website also finds that these workers are generally young and more willing to try different experiences and visit new places.

Their disposable income – and willingness to spend it – makes digital nomads a boon to the continent’s battered travel industry. The Mexican government has found that a single person’s stay for three months or more translates into thousands of dollars pouring into the local economy.

Victoria Bramati, Airbnb’s communications manager for South America, said “The pandemic is changing the way we work, live and travel. People want to live anywhere,” and technology makes that possible . This, she adds, “happens in real time”. In June 2021, the company offered Live Anywhere on Airbnb, a pilot program where 12 people shared various Airbnb homes for 10 months. She said it was an opportunity for people to “make the world their home” for almost a year, with most of the costs borne by Airbnb. The company recently signed an agreement with the city government of Buenos Aires to jointly promote the Argentine capital as an international destination, especially for remote workers.

Between its low costs, exotic destinations and colorful cultures, Latin America has major potential to become the next hotspot for digital nomads. And now is the time to attract travelers who don’t need – or want – to return home.

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First Images: The Pendry Manhattan West Hotel Opens Near Hudson Yards http://lostnomad.org/first-images-the-pendry-manhattan-west-hotel-opens-near-hudson-yards/ http://lostnomad.org/first-images-the-pendry-manhattan-west-hotel-opens-near-hudson-yards/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 14:55:00 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/first-images-the-pendry-manhattan-west-hotel-opens-near-hudson-yards/

Considering that a year ago the media left New York City for dead, with thousands of citizens heading to the suburbs and the eerily empty Midtown office towers, the very fact that a massive new development project is making its mark. Debut in the heart of Gotham certainly strikes a note of hope. And indeed, Brookfield Asset Management’s $ 5 billion, namely Manhattan West (that’s in Manhattan, and it’s quite far to the west) is being unveiled in stages starting this fall. It is designed as an eight-acre mixed-use complex (a sort of “superblock”), and when paired with the nearby Hudson Yards, the stretch from 9th Avenue to 10th Avenue and 31st to 33rd Street truly becomes its own neighborhood.

A key feature of the project is the Pendry Manhattan West Hotel, the first of the booming hotel brand in New York City (their Chicago property just opened in June, and the Sagamore Pendry Baltimore is one of our favorite dorms. anywhere).

The New York hotel, within an imposing glass structure designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, is a masterpiece of elegant sobriety, with 134 rooms and 30 suites in cool and soft colors, and equipped with prodigious arched windows overlooking the ever-changing skyline, and in some cases also the Hudson River. Oddly enough, Gachot Studios’ design draws inspiration throughout from a sort of modern 70s California (particularly the West Coast Light & Space movement) – although the works of New York artists Nancy Lorenz and John Wigmore feature all along.

In addition to the general eclecticism, the hotel’s signature restaurant, Zou Zou’s (a new addition to the Quality Branded group, well known for Quality Eats and Don Angie) draws inspiration from various Mediterranean influences, including those from Israel. , Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Syria – particularly appealing to those who are still not ready to resume international travel. With just 75 seats and interiors by AvroKO, Chef Madeline Sperling – formerly of Gramercy Tavern and The NoMad – rules the kitchen, assisted by Juliana Latif, who also made time at NoMad.

Additionally, the Bar Pendry Lobby Bar serves creative cocktails in an intimate space with a fireplace, marble bar and large-scale Lorenz abstractions. There is also a garden room for coffee during the day and adult sips in the evening.

Ambitious to say the least, Manhattan West itself features six buildings, a landscaped plaza, upscale retail, more than two dozen food and beverage destinations, and the Midnight Theater, which will host a diverse program of offerings. cultural and entertainment. So, yeah, here we can probably just put aside predictions of Gotham’s demise – and instead just celebrate with a luxurious weekend stay at the Pendry.

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24 hours in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with a stay at Mövenpick Hotel Colombo http://lostnomad.org/24-hours-in-colombo-sri-lanka-with-a-stay-at-movenpick-hotel-colombo/ http://lostnomad.org/24-hours-in-colombo-sri-lanka-with-a-stay-at-movenpick-hotel-colombo/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 13:28:23 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/24-hours-in-colombo-sri-lanka-with-a-stay-at-movenpick-hotel-colombo/

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel for travelers. Yes, Europe will have to wait, but our next door neighbors Sri Lanka is a great option if you’re in the mood for a vacation soon. Sun, sea, sand, culture, great food with a flair in style – Colombo, Sri Lanka may just be the perfect option for making your way through pre-pandemic life.

Now fully vaccinated Indian travelers are allowed to travel to Sri Lanka without the mandatory 14-day quarantine. You will be tested on arrival and your second injection should be taken at least 14 days before you leave for the country.

So we decided to put together a fun and effortless 24 hour route to Colombo, the capital, to start your vacation with just the right amount of daring. With travel influencer and Sri Lanka expert Riaan george helping us with introductions and leading us to the best places to visit with his Sri Lanka based idea #LoveColombo.

Where to stay

Mövenpick Colombo Hotel

Mövenpick Colombo Hotel is perhaps the best place to set the tone if you are looking for stunning sea views with floor to ceiling windows that catch the morning light and prepare you for a stunning sunset in the evening. Ask for the suites! They have a tub in the bedroom, which means Insta-worthy selfies. Armed with a rooftop bar and infinity pool, this is the best place to park your #Travel Goals in Colombo. The Accor Hotel was Colombo’s first five-star hotel in 25 years, which means you can try anything there. From spectacular food to beautiful sunsets.

Where to eat

The rooftop bar, Views, on the 24th floor of the Mövenpick Hotel Colombo has two perks: live music and Sri Lankan cocktails like the signature achcharu cocktail (a mixture of raw mango infused with salt), Ambarella (pineapple, black pepper and chili flakes included ) and the Pol Gal Pol Cocktail made from arak.

The Robata grill in the same hotel gave us the best flavors of Asia – each dish inspired by Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Korean and Singaporean dishes. We spent an afternoon with TV Personality Danu Innasithamby who regaled us with tales of the land and his own amazing experiences with a side of Hokkaido scallops flambéed with teppanyaki, a clear crayfish soup, a sliced ​​duck marinated in five spices, grilled shrimp, rice to the garlic, sautéed vegetables and more.

Ayu, Mövenpick’s popular restaurant, is the perfect place for a typical Sri Lankan breakfast. Ask for the spicy sambals (Sri Lankan chutneys). Choose the famous Pol sambal which contains coconut, spices, dried peppers and onions and pair it with rice, string hoppers, egg hoppers and parottas to make a great happy meal. And don’t forget to end the meal with the humble molasses yogurt.

Loved by digital nomads, Black Cat Coffee is all about an effortless menu of burgers and convenient dishes with interesting coffee options. One look at the buttermilk pancakes served with applesauce and crispy kithul bacon, and you’re sold! In addition, the cafe also has some great shopping finds prepared for you. Stop for delicious sandwiches, espresso-based coffees, healthy drinks, and fresh breads. If you like its coffee a bit too much like we do, you can also choose to stay there. The first floor of the Colonial House is perfect for those looking for a quiet Airbnb filled with vibrant art and cheerful streets. PS Get some Black Cat Merch, bags and t-shirts if you want to keep the amazing memories you make there.

We have three words for you: Garlic Chili Crab. Other amazing choices include Pepper Crab and the ever popular Baked Crab. The Ministry of the Crab is a hop, skip and jump away from where we stayed, and this is a must see in Colombo as it is listed as one of Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants in 2021. Fresh Seafood, zero compromises, and there is a no freezer policy at the restaurant, so everything is fresh and cooked to perfection.

Carnival ice cream shop is one of the oldest and most picturesque ice cream parlors in Colombo and has been a family favorite since 1983. Sit amid the buzz, get your hands on ice cream with unique flavors like durian, butterscotch , biscotto and cookies, and more. We were also looking at the sundaes stacked with tons of dried fruit pieces and the colorful milkshakes.

French coffee at Park Street Mews, this is the place to go if you are looking for the best cocktails with a side of delicious entrees. Either way, Park Street Mews is where you let go of your hair, party, and drink dangerous cocktails. Meet the fun chef, Bertrand Dubois, who kept us entertained with dancing and lots of banging. Opt for its gourmet burgers and French snails, but stick with the midnight dance and stellar wine list.

Where to visit

With 24 hours at your disposal, it’s easy to miss the essentials. So stick to the priority list of sights that give you a glimpse of the city – walk to the Old Dutch Hospital Complex. There is live music and amazing crowds at night. The Gangaramaya temple was a wanderer’s delight with history and beautiful art accompanied by a calming feeling. A historical monument not to be missed is the Independence Memorial, also known as Independence Square.

Where to shop

Hanged: Away from the usual tourist rates and the hub of the best local designers and labels is Pendi from Colombo. Managed and owned by Natalie Pendigrast, the space is a hit with all buyers. Everything from botanical prints to handmade soaps to household items is created with love and care. Pendi’s strength lies in promoting local designers and curating stunning collections. Tailor-made and unique – Pendi keeps you up to date with all local rates. It was our favorite lifestyle store. We even had an amazing evening with great local artists and designers to understand their philosophy and love for creativity.

Bouddhi Batiks by Darshi Keerthisena: You can’t leave Colombo without taking a piece of her heart, and you should know that Darshi Keerthisena, a local designer who works with batiks, brings art to life through her label. The old-fashioned batik artwork now resides in her quirky designed outfits, sarees and scarves. Darshi also showcased her work when she met Queen Elizabeth II. Well, it is a well known fact that Darshi batiks are the first choice among Sri Lankan brides.

LOVI Sarongs: On our first night in town, we received these gift bags with a very interesting welcome gift from LOVI, a brand known for its sarongs for men and women. A traditional wrap skirt that comes in chic designs and pockets, both traditional and modern. A great gift to bring home, these handmade wonders come in stunning colors and are easy to drape. Founder Asanka de Mel talks about merging authenticity with style, and that’s why they’re such a popular keepsake to take home.

The design collective: A well-known multi-brand fashion store owned by two friends, Binu Wickramasinghe and Shahili Gomes, is the first place to go if you want to see what local fashion designers have to offer. It features a mix of stunning casual outfits, cocktail dresses and jewelry, as well as a few knickknacks. Imperial College Business School graduate Shahili manages to find all the cool designers on the planet, makes sure the store supports local and Asian brands, and stays on top of trends. Binu, meanwhile, has worked in fashion from Delhi to London and brought her design expertise through the labels she displays in the store. Together, they bring a good price to their multi-brand concept store and create a showcase for young, less well-known brands.

Any other amazing choices to take home?

Basilur is Sri Lanka’s most popular premium tea brand and is available in most stores. Choose white tea or green tea.

Spa Ceylon, a Sri Lankan beauty brand known for its heavy use of local ingredients and healthy approach to beauty. If you are a beauty lover, choose their Ceylon Grapefruit & Rice Lip Balm or Ceylan Coffee & Cocoa Balm.

How to get around

Ditch Uber and opt for Tuk-tuk Safari. A tour on the coolest tuk-tuks with officially dressed drivers and a cooler full of coconut water, colas and Lion beer is how the gods intended us to enjoy Colombo. They are equipped with sunroofs and WIFI.

All images: courtesy marks; hero image: courtesy of Shutterstock

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Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard partners with The Shade Store http://lostnomad.org/designer-martyn-lawrence-bullard-partners-with-the-shade-store/ http://lostnomad.org/designer-martyn-lawrence-bullard-partners-with-the-shade-store/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 10:01:50 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/designer-martyn-lawrence-bullard-partners-with-the-shade-store/ Inspired by the craftsmen of Tangier, the woven fabric Tangier by Martyn Lawrence Bullard offers a new interpretation of the design of basketry.

PORT CHESTER, NY – Los Angeles designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard has teamed up with The Shade Store for a new line of premium custom window treatments.

“When conceptualizing my new collection for The Shade Store, I was inspired by memories of my travels to the world’s most beautiful and iconic destinations,” said Bullard. “I adopted brilliant and spectacular color combinations, patterns and styles, but also balanced and always accessible to the consumer. From creating a comfortable environment to creating a bold statement, a dressy window is essential to the finished look, function and feel of any room.

The exclusively designed collection includes six new materials for drapery, Roman shades and cornices. Bullard said the new assortment draws inspiration from his many travel experiences around the world, drawing inspiration from environments ranging from the streets of Tangier to the slopes of Paris.

“As we continue to see an increased appetite for embellishments and colors, we are excited to bring Martyn’s distinct design perspective to our customers through this new collection,” said Ian Gibbs, Co-Founder and Director of the creation of The Shade Store. “He has reinvented the design experience, transforming his clients’ homes into works of art and this partnership is a natural complement that continues to strengthen The Shade Store’s commitment to providing our clients with luxurious materials for their treatments. window. “

The new collection combines Bullard’s expertise in creating stunning interiors and his long-standing passion for the urge to travel, according to Gibbs. Bold flowers and vines in a cool color palette can join a selection of embroidered textured scissors that have a striking yet romantic flavor.

The collection includes the following styles:
• Nomadic Stripe – Inspired by patterns found on carved wooden shields, this simple stripe captures ancestral elegance and celebrates cultural fusion in its scale and texture.
• Tanger Weave – Inspired by the artisans of Tangier, this woven fabric is a new interpretation of basketry design, blending culture and time with its textured nature.
• Sahara Stripe – Inspired by French runway looks, this sheer fabric blends fashion and interior style. Its look is defined by a finely incorporated colored stripe.
• Palm Tree – Inspired by the 19th century fascination with palm trees and the design of palm trees in interiors, Palm Tree celebrates the art of embroidery with a sophisticated, vine-shaped palm tree design that captures a tropical flavor.
• Chinoiserie – Inspired by the art of hand-painted wallpapers created in the 18th century for Europe’s most sophisticated living rooms, this contemporary take on a classic brings a modern twist to today’s audiences.
• Boho Vine – Inspired by the bohemian fashion movement, this vine motif merges the beauty of traditional chinoiserie with modern simplicity.

The new collection will be on sale in all of The Shade Store’s more than 100 showrooms nationwide and through the online showroom at theshadestore.com.

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The Silk Road: 8 goods traded along the old network http://lostnomad.org/the-silk-road-8-goods-traded-along-the-old-network/ http://lostnomad.org/the-silk-road-8-goods-traded-along-the-old-network/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 20:10:13 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/the-silk-road-8-goods-traded-along-the-old-network/

The Silk Road was not a single route, but rather a vibrant trade network that crisscrossed central Eurasia for centuries, connecting distant cultures. Traveling on camels and horses, traders, nomads, missionaries, warriors, and diplomats not only traded exotic goods, but also transferred knowledge, technology, medicine, and religious beliefs that have reshaped ancient civilizations.