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Created: August 10, 2022 07:28

Jason Hayward, Minister for Labor and the Economy (File photo by Akil Simmons)

The Work from Bermuda program launched two years ago yesterday has raised more than $28 million across the island, the Department of Economy and Labor said.

A spokesperson said the government had accepted 1,315 applications, of which 1,127 were approved.

There are 234 WFB or “digital nomad” certificate holders living in Bermuda.

As well as boosting economic activity on the island, the program has been credited with enhancing Bermuda’s brand and reputation as a travel destination and place to live.

The spokesperson said the department had been “encouraged” by the volume of new applications each week, as well as digital nomads choosing to renew their stay for another year.

Only companies off the island can employ certificate holders in order to protect local jobs.

Applicants must demonstrate that they have the means to support themselves financially while working in a legal entity or partnership not based in Bermuda or not registered in Bermuda.

Holders can also complete their post-secondary education in Bermuda.

Promotion of the program continues through the Bermuda Business Development Agency and the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

Certificate applications can be made online through the government’s forms.gov.bm portal.

Eligible persons from abroad can also apply online for a residence permit on an annual basis, which can be granted for a maximum of five years.

The program has proven attractive to retirees, dependents of work permit holders, and hotel and tourist accommodation owners.

WWE discloses additional $5 million in payments made by Vince McMahon http://lostnomad.org/wwe-discloses-additional-5-million-in-payments-made-by-vince-mcmahon/ Tue, 09 Aug 2022 23:32:13 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/wwe-discloses-additional-5-million-in-payments-made-by-vince-mcmahon/

WWE says it uncovered two additional payments totaling $5 million on top of the $14.6 million the former CEO Vince McMahon paid in “unrecorded expenses” from 2006 to 2022.

“The Company has assessed unrecorded expenses and determined that these amounts should have been recorded as expenses in each of the periods in which they became probable and estimable,” WWE said in a securities filing on Tuesday.

More from The Hollywood Reporter

Additionally, the company disclosed that all underlying unrecorded expenses “have been or will be paid by Mr. McMahon personally.” WWE is facing investigations related to the payments, which allegedly went to former employees with whom McMahon had sex.

The previously undisclosed payments, made in 2007 and 2009, bring the total alleged settlements to resolve misconduct allegations against McMahon to $19.6 million.

In July, McMahon retired from the company after stepping down as CEO and chairman of the sports-entertainment powerhouse amid an “alleged misconduct investigation” by him and John Laurinaitis, head of talent relationships.

A month earlier, The Wall Street Journal had reported multimillion-dollar settlements paid to women who had relationships with McMahon. The company launched an investigation earlier this year after the board was contacted by someone who knew a former employee, who was hired as a paralegal in 2019. The investigation uncovered other deals of non-disclosure involving allegations of misconduct against McMahon. The number of colonies is unknown.

In the filing, WWE said it had determined on a preliminary basis that the amount of unrecorded expenses was not material during any individual period in which it occurred, but that the total amount would be. if fully registered in the second quarter of 2022.

“As a result, the Company currently expects that it will revise its previously issued financial statements to record unrecorded expenses in the applicable periods for the years ended December 31, 2019, 2020 and 2021, as well as in the first quarter of 2022, when ‘it will issue its financial statements for the second quarter of 2022,” he said in the securities filing. “The Company also expects to conclude that its disclosure controls and procedures and its internal control at financial reporting were not effective due to one or more material weaknesses.”

WWE also noted in the August 9 filing that it “has also received, and may in the future receive, regulatory, investigative and enforcement inquiries, subpoenas or requests arising out of, related to or in connection with such matters”. He did not respond to requests for comment.

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How to become a digital nomad – visa tax rules http://lostnomad.org/how-to-become-a-digital-nomad-visa-tax-rules/ Tue, 09 Aug 2022 10:27:24 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/how-to-become-a-digital-nomad-visa-tax-rules/

A digital nomad is someone who works remotely from different locations outside of their home country.

It’s a lifestyle that gives you the chance to travel the world, see amazing places, and learn about different cultures, all while working and earning money.

But how risky is it to become a digital nomad? We take a look at how it all works, from tax implications and travel insurance, to work visas and bank accounts.

A digital nomad lifestyle lets you combine your travels with your career

Become a digital nomad

If you have the ability to work remotely for long periods of time, you may be considering doing so from another country.

The pandemic has led to a work-from-home boom and a survey of 5,000 full-time UK workers by global payments company Wise found that two-thirds dream of living abroad – for reasons such as cheaper living costs and a chance to experience different cultures.

If you’re looking to become a digital nomad, the first step is to work for a company that allows you to work away from an office and supports you if that location is another country.

Various websites list opportunities for the many jobs that can be done remotely. These include:

Another option is to become self-employed or start your own business where you dictate your working hours and location.

Learn more about your flexible working rights.

Can I work overseas if a UK company offers me to work remotely?

Digital nomads can typically do their work online from anywhere, continuing to connect with businesses and audiences in their home country without earning money from local people or local businesses.

Assuming any arrangement will be temporary, it is certainly possible to work overseas if a UK company offers you the option.

You will need prior approval and any agreement should ideally be in writing.

However, you should consider that there may be significant legal and tax implications for you and your employer. Being physically present in another country while performing your work remotely could place you and your employer under the jurisdiction of that country’s employment laws and taxes.

Check local laws and make sure it is possible for you to perform your role legally from your host country. For example, if you work in financial services in the UK, you may be limited by data and compliance regulations.

So yes it is possible, but it will require the authorization of your employer. Spending a few days working overseas probably won’t cause a problem, but any longer there may be a risk of tax and legal consequences.

Work visas for nomads

About 40 countries offer digital nomad visas, including Croatia, Iceland, Portugal, Bahamas, Mexico, and New Zealand. These allow individuals to live and work in the country without having to work for a local employer.

Visas usually last for a year and once in place you can rent property and travel in and out of the country.

To obtain a visa, workers generally must pay a fee, provide proof of remote employment and travel insurance, and earn a minimum amount – to prove they can support themselves.

Paying taxes as a digital nomad

It’s complicated because it depends on your host country. Nomads who stay away for short periods will likely continue to pay taxes as usual in their home country and will not be liable for local taxes.

But some countries, like France, take a stricter approach if you choose to stay indefinitely. Kate Kurdziej, who is based in France and runs IT firm Olivier Consultancy, says UK employees who live in France have to pay French taxes, with you or your employer also paying the relevant social security contributions. “It’s not very easy or often viable to work remotely in France,” she says.

HMRC says that to be a UK tax resident you must have been in the UK for 183 days or more in the tax year. If you are unsure of what taxes you need to pay and need to tell HM Revenue & Customs, see HMRC’s Statutory Residence Test.

Find out how much tax you pay using our income tax calculator.

What about bank accounts?

Ideally, you want a UK bank that offers services worldwide, with limited fees for overseas transactions.

Digital nomads generally recommend Starling, Monzo, Revolut and HSBC.

Will I need travel insurance?

It is always recommended to take out travel insurance, as prevention is better than cure. In fact, some countries require you to show proof of medical insurance upon entering the border.

There are long-term travel insurance policies for people who want to live abroad for a while. Here we explain the advantages of travel insurance in more detail.

Ema Boccagni, director at mobile workforce specialist ECA International, adds that employees should check with their employer to see if they can still be covered by company medical insurance abroad.

What happens to your UK pension?

If you remain resident in the UK, you are entitled to the same pension tax relief and your national insurance contributions will continue to count towards the UK state pension.

Claire Trott, director of wealth management firm St James’s Place, said if you became a non-UK resident, although employer contributions could continue, personal contributions would be limited to £3,600 per year of employment. taxation.

The tax relief disappears after five tax years. From this date you are not entitled to any personal tax relief on payments made into a UK pension scheme.

If you work in the EU, you can count the relevant social security contributions paid in EU countries towards qualifying for a UK state pension.

“It has improved my productivity and my mental health”

Angelique Caracciolo, 32 years old
Angelique Caracciolo has lived in 10 countries in the past year

Angelique Caracciolo, 32, is marketing manager for a UK-based business telephony consultancy.

She joined the company in 2020, originally working from her flat in London. But cramped conditions and a desire to travel prompted her to try working remotely.

His employer, BusinessMobiles.com, has been supportive and Angelique has lived in ten countries over the past year while working remotely. These include Italy, Croatia, Romania, South Africa and Finland.

“Living in so many places has allowed me to continue to build my career while increasing my productivity and improving my mental health. I feel happier, more invested in my daily work and I always have exciting plans for my free time.

“My best advice: pay attention to the time zone of your working hours. Tracking UK working hours is very easy wherever you go in Europe or South Africa. If you decide to go further, you You might have to wake up early or finish late at night. But that’s part of the fun, right?”

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton says he reluctantly turned down fighter pilot role in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ http://lostnomad.org/formula-1-champion-lewis-hamilton-says-he-reluctantly-turned-down-fighter-pilot-role-in-top-gun-maverick/ Tue, 09 Aug 2022 08:29:33 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/formula-1-champion-lewis-hamilton-says-he-reluctantly-turned-down-fighter-pilot-role-in-top-gun-maverick/

Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton has driven race cars to seven world championships but had to turn down the opportunity to jump into the cockpit of a fighter jet for a role in Top Gun: Maverickhe says vanity lounge in a new interview.

fan of the original Superior gun, and Tom Cruise’s friend Hamilton said, “When I heard the second one was coming out, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I have to ask him.'” He told Cruise, “I don’t care what role it is. I’ll even sweep something, be a cleaning lady in the back.

No More Deadline

Obviously Maverick himself agreed and Hamilton was to be one of the pilots. But filming would have clashed at the height of the F1 season, and being a ‘perfectionist’ who couldn’t have split his time, Hamilton had to turn down the role. Say Cruise and TGM director Joseph Kosinski was “the most heartbreaking call I think I’ve ever had,” he recounts in the VF article.

Hamilton will have the chance to work with Kosinski: he’s one of the producers on the director’s untitled Formula 1 film starring Brad Pitt which landed at Apple earlier this year. Pitt will play a pilot who comes out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie against the titans of his sport.

hamilton said VF he met Pitt and arranged for him to visit the British factories where this year’s Formula 1 car for Mercedes is made. The driver also checked the script “because the Americans who write it are just getting used to Formula 1”.

Hamilton and Cruise are good friends. In July, Cruise celebrated his 60th birthday at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, where he supported Hamilton. “He’s a great friend of mine. Hope he has a great day,” Cruise told Sky Sports on the starting grid.

The driver returned the sentiment, saying VF that Cruise is “one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet”.

Meanwhile, the hypersonic Top Gun: Maverick continues to defy gravity, crossing $1.35 billion at the global box office last Sunday.

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The National Museum of Qatar will host an exhibition on the life of nomads http://lostnomad.org/the-national-museum-of-qatar-will-host-an-exhibition-on-the-life-of-nomads/ Sun, 07 Aug 2022 20:39:00 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/the-national-museum-of-qatar-will-host-an-exhibition-on-the-life-of-nomads/

Qatar Museums will hold an exhibition on October 27 at the National Museum of Qatar that will highlight the rich cultural heritage of nomads in the midst of the Sahara Desert, the Arab Middle East and Mongolia.

The exhibition is part of a series of cultural initiatives designed by Qatar’s museums in 2022, and as part of ensuring Qatar’s prestige as a leading artistic and cultural destination regionally and internationally.
The gallery, which will run until January 14, 2023, reviews the life of nomads and semi-nomads in three regions – the Sahara, Qatar and Mongolia, as well as the efforts of these groups to establish and preserve lives significant and rich social. in addition to the formation of deep and beautiful cultural stereotypes in an environment full of challenges.
The exhibition will feature a rich collection of historical artifacts and photos from the National Museum of Qatar and other museums.
It will also include collections borrowed from international museums, including the National Museum of Mongolia, the Quai Branly Museum in France, and the Globe Museum in Vienna, in addition to other museums.
On the other hand, the activities of Pipilotti Rist Your Brain to me, My Brain to You Gallery will continue at the National Museum of Qatar until December 20, to allow fans of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to enjoy the first exhibition of its kind for the renowned Swiss artist in the Middle East.
The exhibition, which is held in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and the Hamad Medical Corporation, relies primarily on pixel technology comprising 12,000 LED bulbs installed across the exhibition showroom.
The bulbs are programmed to light up in coordination with a soundtrack depicting in visitors’ imaginations the natural scenes of Qatar.
The exhibition invites visitors to dive into a journey of self-discovery through a sensational, contemplative and amazing experience and also symbolizes the collective unconscious of humanity and the capacity of the human spirit.
Additionally, the “Are You Well” exhibit highlights the museum’s commitment to raising awareness of the topics of psychological health as a primary component of human well-being.
It also supports the goals of the partnership between the MoPH, World Health Organization, FIFA and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) which aims to make the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 , an opportunity to promote physical and psychological health and a model for health. and security to be followed by future giant sporting events.
Inside the exhibition hall, the National Museum of Qatar has dedicated two educational sites allowing visitors to exercise their mental awareness and express their understanding of the exhibition’s message in terms of psychological well-being on walls reserved for capturing their ideas.
Rist, born in 1962, is an expert in the visual connection between visual and sound artifacts and profound messages about humanity.
Together with a team of specialists, she designed the project “My Mind to You, Your Mind to Me” and put her preliminary model and concept art. (QNA)

Mexican protesters ask digital nomads to stay away http://lostnomad.org/mexican-protesters-ask-digital-nomads-to-stay-away/ Sun, 07 Aug 2022 12:53:24 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/mexican-protesters-ask-digital-nomads-to-stay-away/

Mexican residents are fed up with digital nomads and remote workers flooding their cities, driving up rent prices and gentrifying their communities.

Research from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) found that during the pandemic, about a third of Mexico City residents had to move. The majority cited high rent as a contributing factor.

El Sol de México, a local media outlet, says that between 2020 and 2021 there has been an increase of around 27% in the number of court-approved evictions in Mexico City.

This alarming number excludes informal rental agreements, which are preferred by the majority of tenants in Mexico City.

“Those who celebrate the benefits of remote working too quickly should be more sensitive to the nuanced impacts of remote working on minorities and gentrification,” said Antonio M Bento, professor of public policy and economics at the University of Southern California.

Mexico City has become a hotspot for digital nomads and visitors due to its vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, and easy visa requirements.

But as rents and the cost of living rise unchecked, some residents are urging current and potential remote workers to stay away from the city.

A local activist group called “Observatorio 06000” held a “carnival” against gentrification last week.

“Housing yes! Expulsions No!“, urged the demonstrators. “Mexicans wake up, they’re going to raise your rent!”

As visitor numbers soar, anger grows. Mexico City is the fifth fastest growing remote work center in the world, according to popular website Nomad List.

The ranking is determined by the percentage of subscribers registering from Mexico City, which increased by 125% in 2021.

Carnival organizers have warned that these visitors are “displacing” residents from the city centre.

“Our homes are now home to digital nomads,” said a flyer from the event.

Some Mexico City residents are happy with the influx of tourists as they boost the local economy by spending their high disposable income.

International travelers spent $851 million on hotels alone between January and April this year, according to tourism statistics.

Others, however, argue that much of the tourism is ruining the culture of the city.

One of the banners of the “Observatorio Vecinal del Centro Histórico” pokes fun at the homestay boom by reading, “It is reported that a very long time ago (before Airbnb) there was real life in this building.”

“Are rent payments already made here also in USD?”

]]> How to retire in Thailand’s “Rose of the North” for $537 per month http://lostnomad.org/how-to-retire-in-thailands-rose-of-the-north-for-537-per-month/ Sat, 06 Aug 2022 20:09:00 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/how-to-retire-in-thailands-rose-of-the-north-for-537-per-month/

By Rachel Devlin

“What surprised me about moving here is how much I appreciate Chiang Mai…how different it is from the United States, how different it is… and how much better it is.”

“My biggest fear in retirement is waking up and not having a clue what I’m going to do that day,” says David Lucero.

But David’s fears never materialized…as he set off in search of an adventure abroad.

His journey began with an epiphany in his office. “In 2013, I was working in Houston, Texas, and at the time I was about 62 years old. I was working at a private equity firm and I was tired of spending 10-11 hours a day in front of a computer screen. computer. I always liked to travel so I started looking for things to do outside of the United States”

David discovered a multitude of teaching jobs abroad. “I found a teaching position in Yantai, China (Yentai University) and in early 2014, I went there for a year and stayed for four years.”

During this time, David used China as a base to explore Asia. “I have traveled to Central and Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines. My brother had been to Chiang Mai 30 years ago and he suggested I go there.”

Chiang Mai is a city in northern Thailand known as the “Rose of the North”. With golden temples to explore, international restaurants and festivals to celebrate regularly, Chiang Mai is popular with tourists and expats alike. Although it has a warm to hot climate, Chiang Mai has a cool season and temperatures can dip into the 60s during the winter. It is an hour’s flight from Bangkok and has an international airport that serves destinations throughout Asia.

Nestled among the mountains, Chiang Mai offers a variety of lifestyles, including city living in a high-rise condo, suburban living, and country living with views of rice paddies and banana plantations.

“This city is great because it has a good population of expats. The size of the city suited me. Here you can go anywhere you want in 20 minutes by motorbike. Whatever your interest, go to Facebook and you will find a group in Chiang Mai. Hiking, walking, eating, golfing, whatever,” says David.

“When I got back to China, I realized that I really liked teaching, so when I got to Chiang Mai, I drove around a few schools that I had driven past and just walked in and I asked if they needed teachers. Teaching began to fill a void. I could teach as much or as little as I wanted, so I chose to teach 15 hours a week. I was not only paid about $9 an hour, but it was something I liked.

One day, someone suggested that David attend a Rotary meeting. At the meeting, he was asked if he was good at math. “They told me about a charity school helping Burmese migrant workers and they were looking for a math teacher to volunteer,” he recalls.

This meant that David could stay in Thailand on a volunteer visa. It is illegal to work or volunteer on a retirement visa in Thailand, so reputable places offer volunteer visas and pay the fees.

David’s volunteer teaching schedule is around 10 hours per week and is flexible so he has plenty of time for other travels, which he loves to do.

“My favorite place to travel is Koh Chang, the third largest island in Thailand after Phuket. It’s an eight-hour minibus ride from Bangkok. It has beautiful beaches and it’s relatively sparsely populated compared to other seaside towns.”

When David is not teaching and traveling, he is busy with the many social events that are an integral part of expat life in Chiang Mai.

“I joined a pool league and we play in bars and travel to a new place every week. I got involved through friends. I’ve never really played pool in the United States, but you get better. We play as a team. It’s just people. Getting together over a beer, playing pool.”

David says that when he arrived in Chiang Mai and was looking for activities online, he found a competitive bridge competition. “I used to play bridge when I was younger, but I hadn’t played for 30 years. They have a wonderful club here and they are mostly pensioners, but some are Thai and d ‘others are young digital nomads. They also run tournaments, so you meet players from out of this town and make friends. Some players are competitive but most of us are just there for a beer , make friends and have fun.

A big part of social life as an expat in Chiang Mai is the food scene. There are hundreds of restaurants in and around the city and since the food is so tasty and cheap, there’s never a reason to cook.

“My girlfriend cooks a lot of Thai food, so my favorite restaurant is not a Thai one. Ribs and Rump is my favorite restaurant.

“It’s inside the old town and the chef is Thai but he cooked in New Zealand for 10 years. They have a great rib eye that comes with either mashed potatoes or chips and ‘a salad. It’s about 300 baht or $9.’ David is renting a three-bedroom, three-story townhouse near Old Town for the low price of $537 per month. This means that there is plenty of room for visitors to us. Her water bill is less than $10 per month and, depending on her air conditioning usage, her electric bill ranges from $20 to $75 per month.

David says a good quality lifestyle here costs around $2,000 a month. His medical care is also affordable.

“I’m very lucky that I don’t have any underlying medical issues so it’s not high on my list, but I go to see a very knowledgeable English-speaking doctor at Ram Hospital and they test my blood and have a general health check: the doctor costs around 400 baht ($12) and blood tests and tests cost around 2,000 baht ($60).

“I have enough money in the bank in case I have a heart attack, but my medical insurance is really just a ticket home. I have accident insurance which is very cheap. It costs 6,000 baht ($180) a year and pays up to 300,000 baht ($9,000),” says David.

“What surprised me about moving here is how much I enjoy Chiang Mai,” says David, “how different it is from the United States, how different it is …and how much better it is.”

This story was originally published in International Living

-Rachel Devlin


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How the UAE became a hotspot for cross-border remote jobs http://lostnomad.org/how-the-uae-became-a-hotspot-for-cross-border-remote-jobs/ Fri, 05 Aug 2022 18:02:44 +0000 http://lostnomad.org/how-the-uae-became-a-hotspot-for-cross-border-remote-jobs/

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world works, sparking a booming remote jobs sector that has led companies to expand their talent search globally – giving employees flexibility and the ability to work. increase their salaries, according to a new hiring report.

The United Arab Emirates is a country that is emerging as a hotspot for cross-border remote hiring, with companies in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel tapping into a “pool of applicants high-quality jobs” looking for full-time remote positions, payroll and remote onboarding company Deel said in its Global Recruitment Status Report 2022.

Remote hires from the UAE in the first half of this year doubled compared to the same period in 2021, the Deel report said without giving exact figures.