Youth travel. What’s on the plan?

Young people play a key role in shaping the outlook for each industry; and when it comes to travel, young consumers have a bigger role to play in influencing or even shaping trends. Looking at the experiences that young consumers choose would provide a clear illustration of what their plans would be when it came to choosing travel destinations.

The travel industry is constantly changing with technological advances and new service innovations. Additionally, global circumstances are also shaping consumer expectations which were explicitly high in 2020 and even 2021 – where travelers leaned heavily towards destinations that were guaranteed to be safe from Covid-19 infections. But what do the plans for the following year look like as the current year draws to a close?

Experiences matter

Young travelers are more likely to create new memories and experience things that have never been attempted in their life before. Add to that the growing youth fascination with food culture and you have the next possible travel trend for young people – food choices.

In fact, many of the younger consumers have indicated that they want to visit foreign places to experience the foods and beverages native to the destinations they are visiting.

The Maldives are no stranger to delivering authentic dining experiences, and trend analysts suggest younger consumers are strongly choosing the island nation in the years to come for their experiences.

Social media influencers

Millennials and Gen Z are more familiar with modern technological innovations such as social media platforms as well as following “social influencer” cultures. They are easily informed of the latest getaways of their favorite celebrities; who themselves frequently visit exotic foreign places.

In addition to this, young consumers also gain information and opinions from friends and family based on the places they have visited, often through image-driven social media platforms such as Instagram.

Changes in popular destinations

It is interesting to note that comparatively young people seek to visit more remote areas in large numbers. Many of the best choices for young people when considering their travel itineraries include countries on the European peninsula.

However, in recent years countries such as Australia, Thailand and even more recently South Asian destinations such as the Maldives, Sri Lanka, among others, have been added to the top-of-the-top destinations. -mind ”favorable for young travelers. The rise of digital nomads

The concept of digital nomads has been discussed previously; the number of people looking to work remotely in large companies is increasing at a staggering rate. Coincidence or not, the main demographic of digital nomads are young people between the ages of 25 and 38.

Many of these people are actively seeking destinations around the world where remote working is encouraged and even approved. Countries like Indonesia and the Philippines are hugely popular destinations for digital nomads, while the Maldives is a recent contender in the growing category.

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