Your birth plan – Which one?

What is a birth plan?

A birth plan describes what you want to happen during the different stages of labor, until the first hours with your newborn baby. The goal is to let the team caring for you know what your ideal birth looks like, so they can work on it while providing you with the care you need.

In a recent study, the NCT suggested birth plans help midwives build relationships quickly with the women they care for in a very short time.

Whether it’s a written guide or a few principles you’ve discussed with your midwife, a birth plan is all about feeling prepared for what’s to come.

Even though everything may not go as planned, you have the right to express your preferences and discuss them with the team taking care of you.

Think of your birth plan as a rough guide that outlines what you would prefer to happen. It’s a good idea to include details of what you want to happen if circumstances change.

If you are planning a home birth, for example, you may need to be transferred to a work room, or if you are planning a vaginal birth, you may need a cesarean.

If you’ve ever considered these results, you’ll probably feel more prepared as things go, even if you don’t get the birth you envisioned.

Watch freelance midwife Pauline Cooke explain why planning for your birth is important:

The coronavirus and your birth plan

A spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) said: “Having a birth plan during pregnancy is an important factor in helping women prepare for labor and in ensuring that maternity staff can support them. women and their babies in the best possible way.

“The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t change the importance of this, and women are still encouraged to create a birth plan with their maternity team in the usual way.

“Maternity services continue to work tirelessly to ensure that women’s choices are respected, but it is important to know that some options – such as a home birth – may temporarily not be available in some parts of the country while mothers are units are navigating the pandemic and continue to prioritize keeping women and their babies safe.

“This will be communicated as soon as possible and appropriate alternatives and advice will be offered. “

Last page update on 03/02/21. Please check the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists website for the latest updates.

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