You can get visas for these 12 countries whether you are a digital nomad, self-employed or remote worker

Portugal – D2 (migrant entrepreneurs or self-employed) or D7 (largely aimed at retirees or those not looking to invest or do business)

Most applicants will need to apply through VFS Global.

The D2 visa is best suited for those who want to start a business and invest in some way, such as hiring locals or anyone already established as self-employed.

The D7 visa is well suited for those with passive income who wish to live in Portugal without needing to work. It can be renewed every two years until you reach five consecutive years in Portugal, after which you can apply for permanent residence.

Basic requirements: proof of employment or funds (€ 7,200 per year of passive income and 6 months of bank statements) to stay up to one year, proof of private health insurance, open a bank account in Portugal, medical certificate, background check, letter of intent

Benefits: Good weather, affordable cost of living (outside the Lisbon capital), ideal for history buffs.

Application Fee: 50-300 €

Website for US citizens and permanent residents: VFS Global – Portugal – for US citizens

Website for UK citizens: VFS Global – Portugal – For UK citizens

Thousands of people apply for visas all over the world every year. It is important to stay organized, flexible and patient. Do your research and ask probing questions, especially when presenting urgent documents. Some apps may not be in your own language, so translation devices or a real translator will be needed. Also, keep in mind that there may be unforeseen or miscellaneous costs throughout the process, so it is best to have a budget in case there are any surprises. If you are pressed for time and / or feeling overwhelmed, you may choose to hire an Immigration / Relocation Professional, but it will likely increase your bill significantly. Finally, for tax questions is always the best to contact an international tax expert. Taxes are complicated, and what works for another person may not work for you. Preparation will take you far, whether at home or abroad.

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