Work from home? Malta has opened applications for digital nomadic visas for one year

Want a change of scenery? Malta has just opened applications for a one-year digital nomadic visa program, inviting remote workers from around the world to move their home office to the Mediterranean archipelago.

The Nomadic Residence Permit is open to people who work remotely and who can continue to exercise their current job while residing in Malta for one year. As a member state of the European Union (EU), Malta already welcomes digital nomads from the EU, but this program allows applicants from third countries eligible for a Maltese visa to participate, including nationals of the United States. USA, UK and Suite.

There are many beautiful swimming and diving spots dotted around the Maltese Islands © Getty Images

“The permit will be issued for one year and can be renewed on request at Residency Malta’s discretion, as long as the applicant still meets the defined eligibility criteria,” the organizers said. “Applicants who wish to stay for less than a year will be issued a national visa for the duration of their stay.”

On the surface, Malta seems to embody all the stereotypes of a Mediterranean island nation, with sun-drenched towns, earth-toned buildings, and a seemingly relaxed and laid-back lifestyle. But it is a country that rewards deep exploration. As a long-time visitor, you will find a treasure trove of history, world-class architecture, outdoor adventures, entirely unique and rustic cuisine for all seasons, and successful landscapes that serve as the backdrop to television and cinema.

Crowd of people sitting in local restaurants, waiting for food on a sunny historic city street
Malta has a large and diverse expat community © Getty Images

Malta, located between Italy and the North African coast, is a multicultural nation with a diverse expat community. English is one of the official languages ​​here and the language for doing business. It also has a strong telecommunications infrastructure and was the first country in the EU to offer nationwide 5G mobile internet service.

To apply for the digital nomad visa, you must be fully vaccinated and present proof. You will also need to take out health insurance to cover you for the duration of your stay and pay an administrative fee of € 300. For more information, see the Nomadic Residence Permit website.

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