Why Portugal has become one of the most popular destinations of the year

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There is a European country that has slowly developed and is now not only one of the most popular destinations in Europe but in the world. Portugal has always been on the radar; its famous wines, local culture and traditions have always been of global interest, but now Portugal wears a giant crown of popularity.

Portugal has stolen the show from Spain, Italy and France and has offered travelers some great experiences on the old continent in recent years. This country has delicious cuisine, great vineyards, gorgeous beaches and the fascinating history that travelers crave. This 2022, according to My Dolce Casa officePortugal secured the top spot as the preferred destination to move or retire for Americans.

And that’s not all. Condé Nast recently announced that Portugal got first place as the best country in the world in the prestigious Readers’ Choice Awards 2022. Followed by Japan, Thailand, Singapore, India and Greece in the ranking, this European destination was preferred by seasoned travelers.

tourist watching the sunset in Porto

People want to visit and even live in Portugal. Digital nomads have also landed on Portuguese soil as the country offers digital nomad visa and has a famous digital nomad village in Madeira. But why is everyone interested in Portugal in 2022?

Portugal has it all… and less expensive!

For those looking for the European experience, Portugal has it all and, compared to other popular European countries, for less money. And travelers can get there easily, there is three international airportsin Lisbon, Porto and Faro.

The essential traditional dishes such as the famous pastel de nata– a small egg tart dessert loaded with savory flavors – can cost as little as $1 – at world famous cafes and bakeries. There is also the famous Port Wine which you can drink in a beautiful bar just across the Douro River in Porto and choose from a wide variety of prices and taste the distinctive and cheaper local wines. People also enjoy the local Bacalhau fish and Portuguese sardines and the popular pork sandwiches called bifanes.

Portuguese cuisine next to the beach.

Even though prices have increased in recent years, Portugal remains very affordable. Car hire is not a cheap option as petrol prices have risen, but trains and buses are convenient and affordable. Between November and February, travelers can find very cheap accommodation in great locations.

The most popular cities, such as Lisbon and Porto, offer free museums, festivals and activities at low prices. There are options for all types of travelers, from wine tasting tours and surfing to hiking and castle visits.

And those who want to save even more can also explore more unpopular destinations that also offer unique and beautiful experiences. Breathtaking beaches, ancient and unique architecture and delicious local cuisine can be found in many places.

Friendly people and fascinating destinations

Lots of people are walking along the historic riverside of the Douro River, sunny day

Portugal was also considered one of the friendliest countries in the world according to the 2022 Readers Choice Awards. The country in first place is Ireland, but Portugal got the second place. According to travelers, the Portuguese are hospitable, easy-going and very friendly to tourists, but avoid comparing their country to Spain. And, compared to French citizens, Portuguese locals have a better reputation for their behavior towards foreign visitors.

Portugal outdoor restaurant

There are so many cities to explore, but here are three of the favorite destinations for travelers in Portugal right now:

  • Lisbon: The beautiful capital offers visitors impressive architecture, modern culture, vibrant nightlife and tasty cuisine.
  • Porto: This charming town has a beautiful river where colorful boats constantly pass each other. Local wine is a must, and visitors can explore fascinating gems like the Lello Library.
  • Madeira: Very popular among digital nomads right now and a special experience for those who want to learn more about local diversity. This archipelago offers beaches, historical attractions, botanical gardens and much more.
port of madeira

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