Where is better to live and work for LGBTQ + digital nomads?

With remote working increasingly becoming the new normal and travel restrictions gradually diminishing, many people are starting to rethink where they live.

Live like digital nomads is expected to be on the rise as we emerge from lockdowns across Europe, with countries like Croatia and Curacao offering incentives to attract remote workers.

But for members of the LGBTQIA + community, it’s not always as easy as choosing the sunniest or cheapest destination. Anti-LGBT legislation is still being introduced across Europe (and beyond), which signifies the path to digital nomadic life is not so clear as for heterosexual and cisgender travelers.

In light of this, we’ll reveal the world’s best cities for LGBTQIA + digital nomads – places with inclusive practices and progressive laws.

Small Business Price researched destinations, rating cities on their legalities for civil partnership, same-sex marriage, and public acceptance, while factoring in the average monthly salary and cost of living.

Where is the best place for LGBTQ + teleworkers?

Madrid – finalist

The Spanish capital is the second best place to live as an LGBTQ + digital nomad. According to the survey, 86% of the population supports LGBT rights. This level of support actually puts the city ahead of the overall winner, and only behind Amsterdam (92%) compared to the rest of the top 10.

It is perhaps not surprising that a Spanish city ranks so well, given the country’s strong overall support for LGBTQ + rights over the past decades in particular. Discrimination laws protecting LGB people have been in place since 1995, and laws supporting transgender rights (especially around the right to identify) are among the most progressive in the world.

Luxembourg City – best overall

The small European country of Luxembourg tops this ranking. Its high average salary, combined with its widespread acceptance (85% of residents) of LGBTQ + culture and marriage, makes the city the best place to live for digital nomads.

While the average cost of living is quite high (€ 2,636 / month), it is offset by the impressive average salary (€ 3,943 / month). The country was one of the first to adopt civil unions in 2004, before legalizing same-sex marriage in 2015.

The complete top 10

After Luxembourg and Madrid comes the New Zealand capital Wellington – the highest ranked non-European city on the list.

Although support for LGBTQ + rights and culture is relatively low (63%), it remains high globally – and the high monthly salary compared to the low cost of living secures the Kiwi capital a place in the top 3.

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Madrid
  3. Wellington
  4. London
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Paris
  7. Brussels
  8. Vienna
  9. Lisbon
  10. Ottawa

Where’s the best for LGBTQ + nightlife?

However, the study didn’t just look at the cost of living and public support. There are separate rankings for the city’s nightlife – especially important as we come out of lockdown and clubs start to reopen.

Tokyo ranks first for nightlife, with over 60 LGBTQ + friendly bars and pubs – around 0.44 per capita (especially impressive considering the number of people living in the Japanese capital).

Berlin and London complete the top three, narrowly propelling Madrid and Mexico to the podium.

Here are the capitals with the best LGBTQ + nightlife:

  1. Tokyo – 61 LGBTQ + friendly bars and clubs
  2. Berlin – 51
  3. London – 49
  4. Madrid – 47
  5. Mexico City – 47
  6. Paris – 42
  7. Amsterdam – 26
  8. Prague – 24
  9. Vienna – 20
  10. Buenos Aires – 19

The full study can be found here.

Do you agree with this list? Where is your list of trips as a digital nomad? Let us know on Twitter using @euronewtravel.

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