Welcome to “Queer Britain”; London’s latest addition to the LGBTQ museum

London recently hosted a museum dedicated to the LGBTQ community, called the
queer britain museum. The new museum focuses on the history, accomplishments and struggles of the LGBTQ community.

Located at 2 Granary Square in London, the museum is built over two floors and includes four galleries and five exhibition spaces as well as a retail store. Admission to the museum is free and people are free to donate. Additionally, the museum is accessible via elevators and ramps.

Museums co-founder Ian Mehrtens said the idea of ​​opening such a museum first came to Joseph Galliano, who is the other co-founder.

“During one of our regular coffee chats, Joseph said he had an idea he wanted to share with me that he had developed since working with Gay Times: an LGBTQ museum, a space where people could go to celebrate success, to learn more about queer history, and to make sure people’s life stories aren’t lost forever.

Welcome to the

He further stated that “we were approaching the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalization of the Sexual Offenses Act 1967 – and it seemed like a moment in history to make sure everyone knew what the life when it was illegal to be gay”.

The opening exhibition of the museum is called,
Welcome to Queer Britain, which aims to introduce people to the Queer Britain mission. The exhibition features several pieces from the museum’s burgeoning photographic collection. There are also works of art from exhibits that were there before.

Another exhibition titled,
We are queer Britainis scheduled for July 2022. The experience will include 50 different voices to celebrate 50 years of Gay Pride in London and will run until spring 2023.

Apparently the museum is quite large considering there aren’t many LGBTQ museums in the world.

  1. What is Official Pride Month?
    Pride month is celebrated in June.
  2. Where is Queer Britain?
    The museum is located at 2 Granary Square in London.
  3. When will Pride Parade in London take place in 2022?
    Saturday, July 2, 2022

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