Vancouver ranked among friendliest cities in the world for remote workers

Vancouver has been named the 15th best city in the world for remote workers, according to a new ranking where three Canadian cities are in the top 20.

WorkMotion released its rankings on Thursday, ranking Montreal second, Toronto sixth and Vancouver 15th in terms of friendliness to virtual workers.

The agency examined how attractive cities are to remote workers by analyzing their cost of living, infrastructure, quality of life, and remote work compliance regulations. The ranking also looked at trends showing where remote workers are currently hired.

“The resulting index reveals which cities make remote working the best and which are the most attractive for remote workers to relocate,” WorkMotion said in a statement.

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Melbourne, Australia, took first place thanks to its specific visa for digital nomads, political stability, friendliness to the LGBTQ + community, local cultural attractions and healthcare system.




It’s easy enough for remote workers to comply with local laws in Toronto and Vancouver, but none of the three Canadian cities made it to the top 10 for tax-friendliness to remote workers.

As you might expect, Toronto and Vancouver ranked among the best for good access to health care. But they were beaten by cities in Asia and South America in terms of affordability.



“When identifying possible destinations for relocation, remote workers should take into account a range of factors from practical to desirable,” said Carsten Lebtig, co-founder and CEO of WorkMotion. “Few cities can offer them all, but it is undeniable that cities which legislate to attract remote workers are becoming much more attractive than those which do not.”

WorkMotion is an HR platform specializing in the integration and easy payment of their employees remotely by companies.

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