Travel trends after the impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 has impacted communities around the world and one of the hardest hit industries has been the travel and tourism sector. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that more than 62 million jobs have been lost in the tourism ecosystem. Stakeholders are slowly leading the way to recovery and among survival needs, opportunities are discovered. Here are some of the main trends we have identified.


While the world stood still for a while in one direction, it also continued in another way due to the dedicated workforce getting down to work wherever they are. A number of resorts and guesthouses in the Maldives have developed “work-cation” packages to meet the needs of the traveling worker bee. With some employers abandoning physical office spaces altogether, the lifestyle of a digital nomad is becoming increasingly sought after for a balance between productivity and sanity.

Private villas and yacht charter

This trend may apply to very high net worth groups, but it is also expected to increase in the coming year. With private villa reservations, safaris and yacht rentals, and property buyouts, families can create their own bubble and safely distance themselves to avoid risks. With small private islands and larger villas, the nature of the Maldives makes it one of the best destinations equipped for social distancing.

Conscious travel with longer stays

Planning a vacation now turns out to be more work than before. Constantly updated on destination risk status, red lists, quarantine requirements and ever-changing testing needs are factored into every trip. With all the work involved in organizing a vacation, people are likely to stay longer and become more immersed in the destination by building relationships with local communities.

Responsible and sustainable travel

Even before the pandemic hit, a great deal of awareness was being created around climate change to make travelers more attentive to their surroundings. With Covid-19, the world has opened up more to the responsibilities surrounding the reality of nature and its resources and how fleeting moments can be. Tomorrow’s travelers will demand responses to the destruction created today. With the recovery of the industry, more stakeholders are ready to strengthen and advance their sustainability agenda.

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