Travel news: Supersonic jets and subways

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(CNN) — This week in travel, London opened a new $25 billion subway line, Bombardier announced a supersonic breakthrough for its super-fast jet and America’s best beaches were revealed.

summer trip

This weekend is the Memorial Day holiday in the United States – the unofficial start of summer – and more than 39 million people are expected to travel.
America’s top beach expert – aka “Dr. Beach” – has released his annual roundup of the best stretches of sand in the United States. This year, the top spot goes to a wilderness in North Carolina.
For those planning further, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has added five new destinations to its “high” risk category for travelers, including the Bahamas.
But while travel is on the rise, passengers are still being hit by flight delays and cancellations caused by staffing issues and other factors. Delta has just become the latest airline to “strategically reduce” its flights for the coming months, after JetBlue and Alaska Airlines.
It will be a season of high prices and extra hassle. Here are some tips for saving on gas if you’re hitting the road this summer.

Get on the rails

Named after Queen Elizabeth II, Crossrail opened in London on May 24 as The Elizabeth line. It connects East and West London like never before.

The Elizabeth Line, London’s massive new Underground, finally opened on May 24, four years behind schedule. Large crowds of railroad enthusiasts and enthusiastic locals turned out to catch the first trains in what is the biggest new development in the city’s rail network for half a century.
Elsewhere in rail news, the European Interrail pass turns 50 this year. The economical multi-country rail ticket, originally open to travelers under the age of 21, opened up the continent to generations of young people and is still going strong today.

Sky News

The Global 8000 in development will be able to accommodate up to 19 passengers.

Canadian manufacturer Bombardier has announced that its upcoming Global 8000 jet, which it says will be “the fastest and longest business jet in the world”, went supersonic during testing. The aircraft is expected to enter service in 2025.
Meanwhile, an American-Spanish startup called Skydweller Aero is developing a solar-powered plane that can stay in the air for months at a time.
If you’re flying back after Covid but wondering how to reduce your carbon footprint, we’ve put together this guide to more sustainable flying, from alternative fuels to travel rationing.

Erotic and ingenious developments in food

Boat that launched a thousand ships

Between 1970 and 1997, the world number of cruise passengers rose from 500,000 per year to 5 million. That jump, experts say, was due to the impact of a hit TV show: the glamorous world of “The Love Boat.”
Romance also flourishes at 37,000 feet. Last month, a couple tied the knot on a plane from the Southwest after a canceled flight prevented their date at a wedding chapel in Vegas.
And in 2018, a woman found herself sitting next to the “boring guy” she met in the airport terminal. Then they fell in love.

turkish delight

In the heart of southeastern Turkey, the beautiful city of Mardin reflects thousands of years of history in the majestic architecture of its old buildings. Take a look at this ancient treasure.

In case you missed it

How to land a plane in Antarctica?

In 2013, Anthony Bourdain fulfilled his lifelong dream of sailing on the Congo River.

Relive it now with the “Parts Unknown” podcast.

China opens a very mature glacier.

The future is so bright…

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