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Travel and tourism continues to thrive and grow despite the difficult times, and with each passing week, more and more countries are trying to make progress towards tourism growth and sustainability. This week, we take a look at some of the top travel and tourism related updates from around the world that are worth posting and might even be worth a look.

Spain will launch its own digital nomad visa

Since the global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working and digital nomadic culture have found a popular re-emergence which many analysts and industry experts believe is here to stay permanently. This means that digital nomad culture has now found mainstream success and is becoming a professional and social norm.

Spain is one of the main countries to witness the potential of this growing tourism niche.

Moreover, the duration of the visa is applicable for an extension twice as per Spanish regulations and the new law is part of the Startup Law of the European nation. Thus, more than 30 Spanish towns and villages have joined the Red Nacional de Pueblos Accogedores para el Teletrabajo (National Network of Host Villages for Remote Workers) with the aim of encouraging digital nomads to visit.

Philippines set to reopen borders to welcome international travelers

According to the latest travel updates, the government of the Philippines will officially lift restrictions on international arrivals to the country. Additionally, from February 10, 2022, tourists will no longer need to self-quarantine upon arrival as long as they possess a negative PCR test result taken no later than 48 hours before departure from the country of origin .

Travelers from visa-free countries are required to present their return tickets and valid passports with a validity period of at least another six months. Tourists are also required to carry proof of vaccination in the form of a digital Covid-19 certificate.

Insect infestations on the ground since takeoff, BA in the misfortunes

A recent report shed light on insect infestations on several aircraft in the UK last year. The newly released report in 2022 notes that at least eight planes were unable to take off from London Heathrow Airport last July due to wasp and bee nests blocking ‘pitot probes’, which are tubes studded used to measure aircraft speed.

The report also claims that seven of the eight planes on the ground belonged to British Airways, with the remaining plane belonging to Virgin Atlantic, as confirmed by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AIIB).

Meet Jools Sampson – the woman who has been offering free pensions to NHS staff since 2020

Jools Sampson; the owner of a wellness retreat with a generous heart — Photo: Reclaim Yourself

Since 2020, following the global outbreak of Covid-19, Jools Sampson, the 53-year-old owner of Reclaim Yourself, one of the UK’s leading bespoke wellbeing retreat companies, has been offering retreats free to frontline workers.

Beautiful and serene venues such as Tofte Manor in Bedfordshire, which would normally charge hefty fees for commercial stays, have been reported to be waiving their fees. On top of that, Sampson’s team would have volunteered their services to ensure frontline medics received some much-needed time-outs.

Rwanda – the sixth safest country in the world for solo travelers

Rwanda’s Conde Nile Trail — Photo: Hamaji

The ranking was created by Usebounce, a luggage storage app by combining a crime index and a safety index to assess where solo travelers will feel safest. Usebounce created the indexes using data collected from Numbeo.

The list of ten safest places to visit for solo travelers included Switzerland ranking first while apart from Rwanda, the other countries that were in the top ten are; Slovenia, Georgia, Iceland, Croatia, Czechia, Austria and Denmark.

“Rwanda has invested a lot of effort in its national security, by building competent and professional security organs”, attests the survey.

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