Tourists can now move to Bali for up to 10 years – if they have at least $130,000 in the bank

The country is focusing on its tourist capital, Bali, in an effort to attract visitors for longer stays. The new “second home” visa is available for five or 10 years and will come into effect from December 25 this year, according to a press release.

Applicants must be able to bring at least two billion Indonesian rupees (approximately $130,000) with them, and the funds must be placed in Indonesian public banks.

“The aim is to attract foreign tourists to come to Bali and various other destinations,” Acting Director General of Immigration Widodo Ekatjahjana said at the launch of the visa on Tuesday.

The visa hopes to bring in those who could “contribute positively to the Indonesian economy”, the press release continues.

The move follows countries like New Zealand and Portugal, which recently introduced “digital nomad visas” to capitalize on remote workers who want to work overseas after the pandemic upended work structures. traditional.

More than a dozen other countries have launched similar programs to attract young remote workers who like to travel.

The digital nomad lifestyle is gaining popularity as pandemic-enforced work styles, such as remote working, become more common.

Last year, 15.5 million Americans identified themselves as digital nomads, according to a report.

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