Tornos News | Greece reopens again sends invitation to qualified digital nomads

Just behind the tourists who are expected to come in greater numbers this summer to Greece will be digital nomads, people with special skills that allow them to work on remote computers from anywhere in the world, the government of New Democracy wanting to attract more.

Greece has opened up to tourists with proof of COVID-19 vaccination, negative tests or who have recovered from the coronavirus and the hope is that nomads who can work anywhere in the world will be eager to come too, Euronews said.

“The beauty of Greece lies in its hundreds of islands where overtourism is not a problem. Better yet, some of them are already COVID-free, ”the site said, highlighting the government’s program to create island oases without any infection.

Parliament in 2020, as the pandemic hit hard, gave them a 50% tax break for seven years amid incentives to ironically equip foreigners with technological skills after an almost ten-year economic crisis that had pushed thousands of young Greeks to other lands.

Alex Patelis, chief economic adviser to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told the site why they should come: “Greece is naturally blessed with a temperate climate, lots of sun and a combination of beaches and mountains,” he said. declared.

He said other benefits are “a strong currency, the euro and the security of the EU’s institutional framework,” and that the government is trying to speed up 5G networks in a country that has fallen behind on internet speeds.

In February, as the pandemic raged again, the government announced it was planning a special visa to attract digital nomads after an agreement reached between Greece’s migration and foreign ministers to help remote workers cross. this new innovative trend, reports

“We must create an organized and attractive environment for people who choose this advanced working method”, underlined the Minister of Migration and Asylum, Notis Mitarachis.

Some 22 of the 27 members of the European Union are in the Schengen area, which has abolished international borders to allow visa-free and unrestricted movements between them, with the exception of Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus and Ireland.

Mitarachi said the digital nomad visa could be combined with tax incentives, which would attract permanent investment. Greece is seeking to help stimulate an economic recovery if the pandemic ends.

In December 2020, Greece introduced legislation that encourages the tax treatment of nationals of foreign countries who wish to transfer their tax residence to Greece if they invest in the country.

The tax initiative would tax only half of the income of the self-employed occupying positions created in 2021. For the moment, the country applies a tax rate of 44% for income above 40,000 euros (48,955 dollars), which is prohibitive.

He told Proto Thema earlier: “We need to create an organized and at the same time attractive environment for the massive influx of people who choose this technologically advanced form of employment.”

The introduction of a special-purpose residence permit, “a digital visa”, as he describes it, “will be combined with fiscal facilities which will lead to more permanent investments”, it is hoped.


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