Top destinations for digital nomads 2021

Due to events that affect our lives today, many of us work remotely. Today our work is online and we can swap or return home with sandy beaches to another location. Here are the top 20 places in the world for digital nomads.

Club Med has analyzed the following criteria to assess where in the world is the best place for digital nomads:

Cost of life: Average monthly costs of daily living

Security: How safe are people, taking into account crime levels

Average Internet Speed: How fast is the region’s internet connection

Number of adventure activities: How many adventure activities are in the vicinity

Number of leisure activities: How many relaxation activities are in the vicinity

Funny note: How ‘fun’ an experience digital nomads can have in the region

Work places : The number of cafes and workplaces in the region

The results are as follows:

Top 20 places for digital nomads

Rank In law Country Total score of the Digital Nomad Index / 320
1 Phuket Thailand 299
2 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 274
3 Krabi Thailand 272
4 Colombo Sri Lanka 238
5 Jimbaran Indonesia 235
6 Singapore Singapore 232
7 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 224
8 Cancun Mexico 222
9 Siem Reap Cambodia 216
ten Canggu Indonesia 207
11 Ubud Indonesia 188
12 Man Maldives 187
13 Playa del carmen Mexico 181
14 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 173
15 Cozumel Mexico 173
16 Goa India 169
17 Puerto Vallarta Mexico 165
18 Palawan Philippines 162
19 Honolulu United States 137
20 Ipoh Malaysia 137

Find the full study here.

Top 15 countries for digital nomads

Thailand occupies the first place

The study found that Thailand is the best country in the world for digital nomads. Shaking its reputation as a party island in recent years, the Southeast Asian island is now known as the paradise of digital nomads.

Phuket in Thailand is the best place in the world for digital nomads with a total score of 290 out of 320. The island’s low average cost of living of £ 818 per month means digital nomads have plenty of money to take advantage of. 251 relaxation experiences and 750 adventurous activities in the region. Phuket also achieved a high safety score with 4 out of 5.

In doing so, Thailand has become a place where visitors can enjoy the serenity of the island, leaving spirits as clear as the crystal clear waters. Traveling to work in Thailand is a great opportunity for those pursuing the digital nomadic lifestyle, as other parts of the continent are easily accessible.

From Thailand, flights to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Cambodia (all ranked in the top fifteen countries for digital nomads) are relatively cheap and fast. Providing many opportunities for people to expand their adventures in neighboring countries. Those who do will benefit from sprawling landscapes with plenty of calming activities such as mountain hiking, swimming, and spotting exotic animals in their natural habitats.

Krabi is a hub for wanderers

Krabi is the third best place in the world for digital nomads with a total index of 272 out of 320. With its limestone cliffs, caves and lush jungles, Krabi offers incredible natural assets as well as plenty of leisure activities for digital nomads.

The perfect destination for digital nomads looking for an escape from the stresses of everyday life, the island offers over 232 relaxing activities. These include traditional beach massages, local cooking classes, floating along the Krabi coast in a rented boat, or visiting Thung Theo Forest for a swim in the Crystal Lagoon.

Krabi’s low average cost of living of £ 645 per month means it’s easy for digital nomads to make the most of a trip to the island by truly exploring all it has to offer.

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