Top 10 tips for choosing a digital nomadic destination

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There are so many great bases to choose from for today’s digital nomad, whether it’s an established hotspot or a less popular place just begging to be discovered.

But you can only choose one at a time. So how are you supposed to decide between them? We will tell you.

These 10 criteria will help you choose your next digital nomad destination.

Cost of life

One of the first things any digital nomad should consider when choosing a destination is the cost of living.

After all, you can’t live in a place you can’t afford. At least not for long. And even if you’re banking, you’ll still want to get what you pay for.

Take a full site assessment Cost of lifefrom rent to food to entertainment.

Visa policies

If you come from a country with a relatively strong passport, it is quite easy to get a visa for short-term travel. In fact, you can often show up and walk in for a month or three without paying a dime.

But things get a bit tricky when you want to stay – and work – in one place for the long haul. And there is a pretty big disparity between the countries here.

This gap is only widening with the recent introduction of digital nomadic visas.

So, when researching new locations, visa requirements should be one of the first things you look at. How easy is it to get a visa? Is it hard to extend – and how often can you do it? Do they offer a digital nomad or a similar visa?

Internet reliability

As a telecommuter, you need the internet. But you won’t exactly find fiber optic connections in Colombian cafes.

So, you don’t just have to keep abreast of the local internet situation, including what is available in your potential apartment, at wifi hotspots in the city and through local mobile phone providers. But also assess your own tolerance – or lack thereof – for slow or spotty internet.

For example, some online jobs require you to be constantly logged in, while others may get away with logging in only a few times a day to communicate with clients. And there is also your personal life to consider.

If you’re used to streaming a few shows a day through Netflix, you’ll need to find a place with solid internet speeds.

Infrastructures and amenities

Infrastructure isn’t just about internet speeds, whether it’s conveniences like public transportation or commodities like tap water.

Beyond that, there are other amenities that digital nomads might be looking for, including gyms, parks, beaches, and housing. And the variance between cities can be huge. In some places you will find an endless selection of modern, furnished apartments and state-of-the-art gyms. In others, you will have to settle for an older building and a somewhat more “authentic” gym.

How much each of these things matters to you is a personal matter.


There is more to weather that just “good” or “bad”, hot or cold.

Are there different seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter? Are there thunderstorms at certain times of the year? Is it dry or wet?

Of course, some digital nomads will simply jump to enjoy the best seasons in various places, avoiding the scorching heat in one place and the depths of winter in another.


Most of the top spots for digital nomads are big, full-fledged cities. However, there is a wide range of rhythms in life.

A city like Da Nang may feel almost drowsy despite a population of over one million people. On the other hand, nothing can really compare you to the chaos that is Manila.

And different people prefer different rhythms, whether it’s one of the two extremes or something in between.

Things to do

Any job and no play makes a boring boy or girl out of a digital nomad.

That being said, everyone has different preferences when it comes to their hobbies and activities, from beach goers to history buffs to shopaholics.

Another important factor is the availability of flights. For example, a European city with a large airport will give you access to cheap and fast flights throughout the region. But there are a lot of cities popular with digital nomads that don’t.

Local culture

Some people just click on the local culture in a specific region or place. Meanwhile, another traveler can’t stand it and much prefers another place.

Of course, a lot of this comes from first hand experience. You can’t always predict whether you’ll like a place or not. But you can at least get a feel for your potential compatibility by looking at the local culture from afar.

For example, would you coexist better with the gregarious and ferocious culture of Latin America – or the more reserved culture of Eastern Europe?

Language barrier

Language is another factor to consider.

Is English Fluent? Do you know the local language well – or are you willing to learn? The difficulty should not be ignored either. On average, a native English speaker can learn spanish in half the time you have to learn Serbian or Vietnamese.

And what language barrier can you tolerate? Some people cringe at the thought of not being able to communicate comfortably with the people around them, while others may get along just fine in a place where they don’t share a common language.

Food VSchoice

As a digital nomad, your assessment of local food might need to be a little different than that of a short-term traveler.

For example, Thai food is delicious, but you’ll be hard pressed to find keto-friendly or low-carb Thai dishes because they don’t just revolve around rice or noodles, almost all of them contain some form of sugar. added. Fortunately, Bangkok also has a few large supermarkets.

But whether you are on a specific diet or not, it is worth considering not only the local cuisine, but other factors can come into play when you live in one place for months or years.

Will you have access to good products? Meat? Are there any good western or foreign restaurants in town, for pizza cravings or something “different”?

Everything from local culture to economics to geography can influence the food choices available.

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