Top 10 places to visit in Colombia

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Colombia is a country of contrasts, from bustling cities to colonial villages, with spectacular attractions in between. If you are planning a trip to this South American country, here are the top ten places you should not miss.


Cartagena is a captivating city, jewel in the crown of its Caribbean coast, and once you arrive at this destination, you will understand why. Its colorful colonial streets are perfect for walking around the historic city. With its pleasant ambience, you might feel like you’ve stepped into a different moment. These centuries-old walls and colonial architecture attract visitors who immediately discover the charm of this historic city. Its unique location also offers day trips or quick boat trips to nearby islands and beaches.


The second largest city in Colombia is a city in constant transformation and improvement. There is so much to do in Medellin, starting with Botero Plaza, where you can admire the sculptures of famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero. And at the same place you can visit the Antioquia Museum. If you head for the hills, the Comuna 13 The neighborhood is worth exploring with its street graffiti and urban art scene. You can end your day at El Poblado, for gastronomy, shopping and where there are many hotels.

Panoramic view of Guatape- tourist reopening in Colombia


The capital of Colombia, and its beating heart, is the country’s largest city and its capital. There is so much to do in Bogota, and we suggest you start with its historic colonial center, La Candelaria. Nestled between green hills, the city exudes a unique atmosphere, combining urban architecture and colonial charm. If you visit northern Bogota, you will find the best boutiques, shops and fine dining at world class restaurants.

Tayrona National Park

With its crystal clear lagoons, white sandy beaches, deep jungle and palm-shaded coves, Tayrona National Natural Park is a breathtaking place. Located in the northernmost part of Colombia, it is one of the most sought after destinations. Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia, with landscapes against the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. A fabulous place to swim and snorkel in the protected areas near Cabo San Juan and The swimming pool Beach. There are also many sandy trails you can hike with spectacular views of the Caribbean.

Providence Island

Considered by many to be the jewel of the Caribbean, this island will captivate you. If you want to relax, you’ve found the right place. There is a lot to do on this island paradise, including hiking in its verdant mountains. You can also enjoy the most beautiful beaches, with their golden sands and palm trees. The island is part of the UNESCO-protected Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, so you can explore its incredible marine biodiversity.

Saint Augustin

This quaint little town is one of Colombia’s best-kept secrets. Located in the Andes of western Colombia and with the famous Archaeological Park of San Agustín, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can visit the city’s central square with its many cafes and the San Agustin temple, for a cultural tour and people-watching. If you visit the park, you will be able to see the impressive group of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures from South America.

Coffee axis

Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee beans in the world, and if you are a coffee lover, you can find some great tours and tastings. In the Andean hills, west of Bogota, you will find the coffee axis between the towns of Pereira, Armenia and Manizales. Here you can visit a growing number of coffee plantations which include amazing tours and tastings and you can even book a farm stay.

The lost city

One of Colombia’s most popular attractions is the Trek to the Lost City. Discovered in the 1970s, this lost city was hidden in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Tayrona Indians built this ancient city between the 8e and 14e centuries, and much of it remains buried under the jungle. Admire the stone terraces and stairways of one of the largest settlements discovered in the Americas.

Los Nevados National Park

Located in the coffee producing region of the Colombian Andes and centered around the active volcano Nevado del Ruiz, and by the snow-capped summit Nevado del Tolima volcano, you will find this incredible park. If you are up for an amazing adventure, you can hike and take in the park’s backcountry. You may spot local wildlife including bears, eagles, tiger cats, pumas, Andean condors, parrots, and many hummingbirds.

Sanctuary of las Lajas

One of the most fascinating religious structures in Colombia is the Las Lajas Sanctuary. Its impressive Gothic-style cathedral was built on a bridge over the Guaitara River and listed as one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Built in the early 1900s with donations from residents, it was declared a basilica in 1954 by the Vatican.

With many unique places and famous Colombian hospitality, you will no doubt want to come back for more. During the visit Colombia, make sure these ten must-see destinations are on your itinerary.

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