Top 10 Items Experienced Travelers Always Have

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A big part of the journey is about parting with your belongings.

That being said, even the most minimalist of travelers can’t deny it: There are a handful of items that just make life easier, whether it’s packing, flying, or getting around.

Here are our picks for the 10 things every traveler should have in their suitcase.

Affordable smartphone with case

I’ll be the first to admit it: a lot of people spend too much time on their phones, even when traveling.

However, you can’t deny how versatile and valuable a smartphone can be, whether you’re checking in for a flight, navigating a foreign country, or just taking photos of the sights. There are so many great travel apps that make life more convenient.

On the other hand, having the latest model of $ 1,000 phone can also be a handicap. It makes you a target of theft in developing countries, and there is always the risk of breaking or losing it.

So go for a more affordable model, even if it’s just a backup – and consider protecting it with a case or screen protector. Personally, I like to buy used phones (still in good shape), which will cover all of your travel needs for just a few hundred dollars.

That way, it doesn’t matter if you drop it from a cliff or a moving scooter. And would-be thieves will actually laugh at seeing you using an outdated iPhone.

A good handbag

Different travelers, different routes, different amounts of luggage.

But the only constant is hand luggage. With this in mind, it pays to invest in decent housing, be it the most suitcase style variety or just one good backpack. It will prove to be a reliable companion whether you are on an 18 hour flight around the world, a short trip to a nearby town or a bus trip through the countryside.

A light jacket

Anyone who’s been on a long-haul flight or spent the night at an airport knows how downright icy they can get. However, if you travel primarily to Latin America or Southeast Asia, for example, it’s not like you need a winter jacket most of the time.

This is where a quality lightweight jacket He enters. It keeps you warm – or at least, warmer – when you need it, but it won’t take up much room in your suitcase or backpack when you don’t.

A few sick headphones

Whether you’re a digital nomad working in a Greek cafe or just trying to get some sleep on a night flight, a good pair of headphones is a must-have.

Depending on your preferences and budget, this could be a Noise cancellation supra-auricular set or just some quality headphones. It can be tempting to buy the cheapest knockoffs you can find, but you’ll get much better sound quality and longevity if you put in a little more paste.

An e-reader (Kindle or other)

Long stopover? Take out your Kindle. Relaxing at the beach? Take out your Kindle. Kill time in a cafe?

You guessed it… take out your e-reader. Not only does it take up much less space than physical books, which is great for travel, but it’s small enough to take just about anywhere.

Kindle is the most popular brand here, and their latest Paperwhite models are in fact waterproof. But there are other options, like the Kobo.

A set of packing cubes

It is the enigma of the eternal traveler. You don’t want to carry extra bags – or pay the related costs. But you also don’t want to leave important things behind, especially if you are traveling for the long haul.

Yet, once you’ve crammed everything into your suitcase and arrive at your destination, you have an equally embarrassing problem. You want to get something out of the suitcase, but you don’t want to unpack and repack all the contents just to access them.

Travel cubes solve both problems. By organizing your belongings, not only will they use your suitcase space more efficiently, but you can always access your things easily later.

A pair of flip flops or Slides

Flip flops – or “flip flops”, as Australians call them – and the slides will never be useless. You can wear them to the beach, to that filthy hostel or in the gym shower, or just to the local convenience store.

Plus, their minimal size means they hardly take up any space in your bag when it’s time to put them away. Flip-flops vs slides is mostly a matter of preference, although I find the former slightly more versatile, as they stay a bit better on your feet.

Comfortable and versatile shoes

That being said, there are times when flip flops aren’t quite appropriate, although some of the more free-spirited travelers may argue that point.

In these cases, you need shoes. But not just any shoes. You need a comfortable, versatile and durable pair that can carry you on long hikes through strange cities without a hitch.

The exact type of shoe will depend on your preferences – and the climate or season of the places you travel. For example, I am a big fan of boat shoes in warm destinations because they are breathable, waterproof and easy to pack, while still being able to be dressed or not.

But there is a variety of other options to choose.

Polarized sunglasses

That $ 5 pair of sunglasses you bought from a beach vendor in Mexico may be good in the short term.

But in the long run, a polarized pair will give you much better protection from those tropical rays, whether it’s just the classic wayfarer look or something a little more stylish.

A solid travel adapter

There’s nothing quite like arriving at your hotel with your phone’s battery blinking, only to find an outlet that feels just as foreign as the scenery outside the window.

Fortunately, you came prepared, right? Just get your dandy at your fingertips travel adapter. The best don’t require you to keep track of 12 different coins. And some of the newer models even have USB slots.

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