TheMacLyf shares his views on how to make money online while traveling the world

Mackenzie in Bangkok

Mackenzie Thompson talks about how he and his company are able to generate income online from various countries and the issues he faces.

Take the scariest path and you will find the best fruit”

—Mackenzie Thompson

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, June 10, 2022 / — Traveling the world and making money at the same time might seem like a dream to most. With Instagram’s “Vloggers” who keep coming up with the dream lifestyle and the beauties that can come with it. Mackenzie Thompson is one such traveling nomad and explains both the strengths and challenges one faces when traveling and working online.

Mackenzie believes that if someone is running their own business, that lifestyle is much more enjoyable and easy because an individual can work their own schedule and not constantly “flex” to meet international time zones. Challenges to this lifestyle arise when meeting times and schedules conflict with clients and counterparts on the other side of the world. Depending on the type of work one does, self-employment or running a business like an e-commerce store, Mackenzie believes “the fewer meetings the better.”

The joys of travel come especially when traveling to countries like Southeast Asia, because living expenses are so cheap while the business can still generate foreign money, often with much better “ conversion rate”. Mackenzie explains how, by drastically reducing the cost of living, you can reinvest more money in your business and succeed faster.

Another problem can arise if the country has low or slow internet connection speeds, as any large file takes a long time to transfer and download. Mackenzie recommends sticking to major hotels with good wifi connections, otherwise there will be a constant struggle with internet disconnects and signal dropouts. However, if someone manages to maintain a strong internet connection at all times and stay motivated to focus on their business even with all the distractions, the rewards can be handsome.

Overall, Mackenzie thinks that if you’re willing to work hard, stay focused, and learn to say “NO” more to people’s requests and meetings, the journey of a digital nomad can be one of the journeys funniest and most rewarding and above all one of the most profitable.

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