The workcationers are coming, will your rentals be ready?

What’s clear is that reliable high-speed internet is now as essential as sunscreen as employees push the boundaries of hybrid working. According to a recent survey by, 65% of American workers taking a work vacation said that reliable internet was the top concern when choosing their accommodation.

A recent study by Verizon and Morning Consult found that people who have moved highly value a quality home internet connection. Among employed adults who have recently moved, half say they have taken part in work-related video calls at least once a day on average over the past 18 months. Twenty percent of employed adults who have recently moved participate in more than five video calls with clients, co-workers or clients each day.

This trend will likely continue to grow this summer as people choose to work at resorts, lodges, vacation homes or other getaway locations for longer periods of time.

For those working in the hospitality industry or those looking to convert a property into a vacation rental property for hybrid workers, it’s worth a quick check to see if the right tech capabilities are available to keep visitors connected and do the job.

Ready to start? Choose from Home and Business options.

For owners with vacation rentals: Verizon Home Internet

There are three fast and reliable Internet solutions, depending on where you live. The first step is to determine which option covers your region.

For Owners of Resorts, Lodges and Larger Destinations: Verizon Business Internet

With 5G business internet available in select regions, businesses of all sizes can benefit from exceptional performance, reliability and convenience.

To see if the wireless alternative to wired internet is available in your area, see the link below. If Verizon Business Internet was not previously available in your area, check back as we are expanding our coverage area.

  • Check service availability in your area.

  • Or call 1.833.470.2814 to discuss your business’ Internet options with a Verizon sales professional.

For owners with vacation rentals, check your availability for Verizon Home Internet. And for owners of resorts, lodges and larger destinations, call 1.833.470.2814 to check availability Verizon Business Internet.

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