The village of Umaya in Belize is the Caribbean’s premier remote working community

Umaya Village is a resort designed exclusively for digital nomads, offering mentoring sessions, community meals, excursions and DJs from a beachfront setting in Belize. Olivia Palamountain reports

Remote working has been a trend for some time, but the Covid-19 pandemic has proven to employers of office workers that it is possible to work from home (or anywhere). It can even make people more efficient and productive. (Read more about Globetrender’s vision for digital nomadism in a post-Covid world here).

As the world begins to open up again, destinations and resorts are rushing to welcome the growing tribe of digital nomads back on the road. A new addition is Umaya village in Belize, a utopia for remote workers and the first designated community of its kind in the Caribbean.

Located in a former hotel between a saltwater lagoon and a pristine beach, Umaya village has been equipped with all the toys and technology digital nomads need to work, rest and play, including a Reliable and fast Wi-Fi, and a range of on-site workspaces, including a dedicated clubhouse with sea views. Behind the village is a team that transforms underutilized hotels and resorts into thriving, remote worker communities that are redefining the modern way of living / working.Umaya villageA private room with an en-suite bathroom in a shared two-bed apartment costs USD 1,500 per month. These offer more than 92 m² of living space including a shared kitchen, living room and balcony overlooking the water. Private apartments and group bookings are available.Umaya village Umaya villageGuests have the option to cook themselves or to visit the on-site restaurant, which serves healthy, local cuisine, including two ‘community meals’ per week, where all residents are welcome to meet as a group.Umaya village More than just a comfortable place to live and work, Umaya offers a range of community activities, exercise classes, adventure trips and professional development sessions aimed at breaking down the isolation of remote work and to encourage professional development opportunities.Umaya villageOn the business side, clients can look forward to weekly seminars on topics such as how to optimize sales funnels and get started with fundraising. Plans are also in the works for Umaya Academy, a residential business school that teaches the skills needed to earn an income from a distance.

Umaya Village is also launching a ‘mentoring match’ for residents wishing to be connected with a mentor in a specific area, drawn from the community’s extensive network of founders.

Ready for some downtime? Three morning yoga classes take place each week, along with a host of resident-led training sessions and group exercise classes offered, either outdoors or in the resort’s gym.Umaya villageMeanwhile, the dreamy beachfront location provides a backdrop for all manner of activities, from kayaking and paddle boarding (equipment provided) to weekend nights with DJs and live music.

Excursions further afield are scheduled weekly so guests can explore the best of Belize – consider descending the jungle canyons for a chocolate tasting at a cocoa farm.Umaya villageExpect to meet people from all walks of life, interests, industries and backgrounds at Umaya Village. The establishment has even hosted famous guests ranging from international DJ Little Boots to acclaimed photographer Dan Medhurst and YouTube educator Mike Dane.Umaya villagePlanning an extended job? Other options include a stay at Madeira’s new Digital Nomad Village or how about a ‘wellness job’ from Balancing holidays, is now running a series of organized stays that allow digital nomads to stay as long as they want at partner properties in Europe and the UK.

Dominica is also on the cards. The island has joined with many of its Caribbean compatriots in launching a long-stay visa for digital nomads, academics, families and people on sabbaticals seeking a work-life balance. healthier in an exotic place.

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