The latest digital nomad trends for 2022

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A digital nomad is a person who follows a lifestyle focused on geographic freedom to travel while still being able to work. This is possible because they take their office with them wherever they go. He would usually just need his laptop and/or cell phone to work.

A digital nomad is on the go at all times, and can access new destinations and work via the Internet.

If the subject interests you, let’s take a look at the latest figures and trends that will help us better understand this way of life.

Current lifestyle trends of digital nomads

A study conducted by Passport-Photo online revealed some of the most important facts about digital nomads. From them, we can glimpse trends that change everything.

The number of digital nomads has been on the rise since 2020. About 71% of them have a full-time job and only 29% part-time. However, the satisfaction rate they get from finding a work/life balance is 85%.

When it comes to the most common type of work for digital nomads, the trends here aren’t so clear cut. The most common are computer-related generally education and training, creative services, sales, marketing and public relations, finance and accounting, as well as consulting, coaching and research.

Regarding the working area, many digital nomads work directly in the hotel or apartment they rented it for a few days, setting up a kind of improvised office. On the other hand, the concept of coworking spaces is increasingly widespread; it is possible to find workspaces all over the world through online platforms, to facilitate the task of the digital nomad.

The study also reveals the accommodation preferences. The first option (51% of respondents) chooses to stay in hotels. Forty-one percent prefer to stay with friends and family (if and when possible). AirBNB-type accommodation becomes the 3rd option, with 36% attendance. And there are also those who stay in cars or vans (21%) or in hostels (16%).

About 36% of digital nomads are self employed, and have several companies as clients to which they offer their services. 33% have successfully started their own business. With a slightly lower percentage, 21%, we have those who have a position in a company.

Another of the aspects on which the study has focused is the average age of digital nomads. 29% of respondents were over 45 and 11% were over 60.

Most digital nomads are happy with their lifestyle (88%). They feel that this balance between work and travel helps them enrich their daily lives.

Interestingly, the study also investigated the preferred destinations of digital nomads. These are: Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Portugal and Spain.

These countries are popular because they have very interesting characteristics: a good climate, a low cost of living, many points of interest to visit, and the ease of obtaining a visa (or perhaps not necessary for access the destination).

Security and geolocation: the challenges of digital nomads

The digital nomad is entirely dependent on the internet to do their job. Therefore, they will always choose to connect from places that have broadband accesseven having their own connections that they can take from place to place.

The problem is that in recent years the number of cybercriminals trying to steal user data, and they can even impersonate them.

Simply connecting to an open network for work could be a mistake. To avoid any problems, digital nomads use vpn.

There could also be geolocation issues for these people to do their jobs (for example, they might not be able to access certain content due to geolocation restrictions). Here again, the VPN solution is the most interesting.

It is the acronym of Virtual Private Network (or Virtual Private Network in Spanish) and allows the digital nomad to connect to a network in which their private data will be masked, hidden, to navigate in a completely secure way and avoid any type of intrusion (even if they connect to an open WiFi network).

These are some of the current trends that allow us to better understand the profile of the digital nomad in 2022.

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