The Gelato Anita store has opened a new location in New York

There are a ton of ice cream shops around New York, but there aren’t as many destinations serving ice cream in the city (yes, the two desserts are very different from each other). So when a new ice cream shop opens, you better suggest the masses flock there immediately, especially if we’re talking about a proven concept like Anita, the Israeli shop that already operates a location on the Upper Cote. is.

The brand’s new outpost is now open at 1141 Broadway near 26th Street and continues the legacy of its partner destinations by serving a selection of over 150 different kinds of 100% made ice cream, sorbet and yogurt. by hand, as well as a variety of toppings.

Just as is the case in Israel, Australia, Spain, Puerto Rico, Cyprus and downtown New York, traditional flavors are sharing display space with more creative versions of the treat. , like milk chocolate and salted pretzel, rum and raisins, honey and caramel popcorn. , savory bagel, chestnut with hazelnut cream and grapefruit campari, to name but a few.

“After the success of Anita Gelato in Tel Aviv [and other destinations], New York was the obvious place for the brand to continue and grow internationally,” said Adi Avital, co-owner of Anita, in an official statement. “New York is considered the capital of the world and we chose to launch on the Upper East Side because of the inhabitants of the neighborhood and the atmosphere that reminded us of Neve Tzedek, the first neighborhood where we opened in Israel. . Now that Anita is established in New York, we’ve decided to bring our unique offerings downtown, where we know the brand is already familiar and loved.”

Photograph: Courtesy of Anita

Out-of-town visitors will also be pleased to learn that the company plans to open new locations in Miami and Los Angeles later this year.

Lest you think Anita is a random name, think again: the shop’s nickname is an ode to Anita Avital, Adi’s mother. The ice cream chain was actually born in Anita’s kitchen in Netanya, Israel in 1998.

A single mother of four (and grandmother of nine!), Anita started making traditional Italian gelato at home with her son Nir in the late 90s using a small ice cream maker. After gaining popularity with their neighbors and being sold from a weekend cart by Nir, the duo decided to open their very first boutique in Tel Aviv in 2002.

Fast forward two decades and today there are four Anita stores in Tel Aviv, along with others all over the world. Needless to say, New York is honored to be home to two of them.

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