The city of Dubrovnik invites economic entities to develop new offers for digital nomads

September 22, 2021 – The city of Dubrovnik is positioned as one of the best-prepared destinations to welcome digital nomads, after the success of the In-Residence project. From now on, it invites economic entities and other city services to present new offers for digital nomads and thus continue their arrival.

The city of Dubrovnik, through the Administrative Department of Tourism, Economy and the Sea, announces a public invitation to the participation of economic entities in the definition of the offer of Dubrovnik as a destination for digital nomads, reports HrTurizam. The Call invites all interested parties to express their interest through new offerings for digital nomads which include accommodation, catering, transport, commerce and other social activities and services in tourism, which would encourage digital nomads to choose the City as their place of residence.

Namely, by amending the legislation on January 1, 2021, the Republic of Croatia introduced visas that regulate the temporary stay of so-called digital nomads. It has thus become only the fifth country in the world to regulate the market, which currently covers 4.8 million people, and which could shelter 17 million people in the future. The initiative of the Government of the Republic of Croatia was launched due to the fact that more and more people around the world are working exclusively online, and the increase in interest in this specific way of life has furthermore been influenced by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. .

With its geographic location, natural and cultural heritage, and safe environment for comfortable living, Dubrovnik certainly has the prospect of becoming one of the top destinations for digital nomads, with many benefits for the locals. In order to diversify the tourist offer and strive to become a year-round destination, the City of Dubrovnik has recognized digital nomads as one of its tourist niches, which is why in 2020 it organized a special conference to discuss digital nomads and implemented the “Dubrovnik Digital Nomad In-Residence” project, which was successful and attracted the attention of the international public.

To position itself in this market, with excellent communication technologies developed by the City of Dubrovnik, it is necessary to adapt, to follow the trends and market requirements of this segment of tourism. In this context, it is important to involve employers in the development of new offers for digital nomads that will attract them and ultimately reap benefits for the whole community.

Applicants are required to provide information about their business or trade and a statement of intention to participate in this project with the benefits that registered digital nomads can use with them.

Applications are accepted by e-mail: This e-mail address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until September 30, 2021.

For more news and articles on digital nomads in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN section.

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