The best new cocktail destinations in the world

The pandemic has not been kind to cocktail bars and the aficionados who frequent them. But as the world’s top destinations reopen to visitors, there are a plethora of long-awaited bars and lounges eager to serve up next-level libations, with a side of top-notch hospitality that prompts guests to order a second round.

Here’s a look at some of the latest notable bars and lounges to appear on the international cocktail circuit. Some have seen their launches delayed or delayed due to the global pandemic, and each is navigating through evolving health and safety protocols.


Led by internationally renowned mixologists Simone Caporale and Marc Álvarez, Sips seeks to disrupt the Barcelona cocktail scene with an ambitious approach that blends the art of classic cocktails with the latest technologies and trends. A masticating machine is used to blend the aromas and ingredients with surprising results – an espresso martini contains “coffee air” whipped with incense – and vessels designed by glass artists for each cocktail. Defying the limits of a conventional cocktail experience, Caporale and Álvarez have chosen not to incorporate a physical bar as a central element, thereby eliminating barriers between guests and bartenders.

Two of the most decorated bartenders in the Netherlands, Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse, have opened their second location in Amsterdam, Dutch Courage, focused on gin (traditional Dutch gin), offering over 150 different bottles and a huge range of cocktails. made from juniper. .

One of the trendiest new bars in Paris can be found near the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe, hidden behind a secret door in the recently renovated Hotel Barrière Le Fouquet’s. Le Marta Paris offers a sexy atmosphere for delicious designer drinks. The upstairs Rooftop Marta is open during the summer, with orange trees and Italian finger foods.

Le Marta Paris offers a sexy atmosphere for delicious designer drinks.

Le Fouquet’s

One of New York’s most decorated cocktail addresses, NoMad Hotel has opened its first international property in a historic building in the heart of London’s vibrant Covent Garden. NoMad New York veteran, Bar Manager Pietro Collina oversees bar programs across all venues, the main one being NoMad Restaurant. Located in the glass-ceilinged atrium, the restaurant’s cocktail list juxtaposes traditional drinks to NoMad’s favorites and a new selection of concoctions focused on London’s seasonality. Side Hustle also draws crowds; The NoMad version of a classic British pub can be found in the building’s old police station.


Los Angeles’ most popular new spot for next-level cocktails is a New York City import, and a notable one at that. Death & Co, one of the most influential and creative cocktail bars of this century, has opened its first West Coast outpost in the vibrant arts district of downtown LA. As with the original New York City location, the small, dimly lit spot doesn’t take reservations, giving patrons time to choose between the incredibly creative concoctions on offer and to learn about new techniques and obscure ingredients. .

Manhattan’s Dante, a welcoming haunt serving fine cocktails in a historic and renovated Greenwich Village setting, has won numerous global accolades in recent years. The Australian couple behind Dante, Linden Pride and Nathalie Hudson, have opened their first branch, Dante West Village a few blocks away. Located on the quaint corner of Hudson and Perry Streets, the mint-colored space features a hand-carved marble bar, with green velvet banquets, vintage lighting, and custom wallpaper. The list of Italian-accented libations includes Instagram-ready appetizers and martinis served in stylish glassware, trendy spritzes, and perfect negronis.

Dante West Village.

Giada Paoloni

Located in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, Bar Goto Niban is Kenta Goto’s second business after the success of her Lower East Side cocktail bar, Bar Goto. The newer and more spacious outpost (niban means “second” in Japanese) follows in the footsteps of the original – a former winner of Enjoy your meal “Bar of the Year” —with an emphasis on Goto’s Japanese-inspired drinks. The beautiful space features walnut woodwork and a gorgeous Japanese garden spanning nearly 40 feet behind the bar, for sipping a meticulously crafted sakura martini, plum sazerac or sesame milk punch, and a notable assortment of Japanese sake and shochu is also on offer.


The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore’s newest Republic Bar, is in the newly renovated east wing of the hotel, which was designed by New York-based Tonychi Studio. Inspired by the 1960s, the extensive cocktail menu is devoted to a tale of historical and cultural anecdotes from Singapore, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States. There is also a selection of 1960s spirits and cocktails, and this being the Ritz, an opulent British-inspired afternoon tea experience is hosted daily.

Located in Bangkok’s new ultra-luxury Four Seasons hotel on the Chao Phraya River, BKK Social Club is the latest project from famed bar manager Philip Bischoff. Designed by New York-based company AvroKo, the attractive space transports a well-dressed mix of locals and visitors to Buenos Aires, as Bischoff and his team have infused Argentinian-inspired offerings with Thai flourishes.

The Diplomat bar team, Hong Kong.

Courtesy of The Diplomat, Hong Kong

Award-winning mixologist (and Seattle-native) John Nugent’s first sweatshop concept, The Diplomat opened in Hong Kong’s H Code, a lifestyle-savvy resort. Eclectic artwork by Ryan McGinley and Josh Sperling adds color and panache to the 18-seat hideaway, where the sleek interior includes brown leather banquettes, patterned ceiling tiles, and custom brass finishes. The drink menu includes a range of mini martinis, from Gibsons to tuxedos, and variations of modern classics such as an espresso martini with baijiu for added depth. A lucky few have access to the Diplomat’s Back Room, where there’s a DJ on the decks, a button on the table that says “Press For Champagne,” and a strict no cameras policy.


The trio behind Maybe Sammy, one of Australia’s most decorated cocktail destinations to debut in recent years, opened Sammy Junior just steps away in Sydney’s central business district. The Sweet Brother, which starts off on weekdays as an espresso bar with bespoke coffee blends and classic breakfast bites, transforms into a cozy afternoon cocktail destination, especially on Friday after work, when live jazz is the highlight of a weekly aperitif session. . Smooth bottled cocktails include negroni jasmine and eucalyptus tendril, available in mini (100ml) and large (500ml).

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