The 3 factors that go into planning your long-term trip abroad

The 3 factors that go into planning your long-term trip abroad

(STL.News) Sometimes the holidays are not enough. When you only take a few weeks off a year, there’s barely enough time to relax let alone learn anything about the world. This is one of the main reasons why many people drop out of the corporate world and become digital nomads.

It’s possible to travel the world long term and not have to come home because you have to get back to work. You can take your work with you as a digital nomad or work wherever you are. If you think you will see the world and all there is to learn, you will need a few tips to start planning your trip.

In this article, we’re going to go over some of the thighs you need to do to plan your long-term trip abroad.

1 – Take out insurance

There is travel insurance and health insurance. They are both very different from each other. Travel insurance is there to cover any canceled flights or to get you to an emergency room if you are injured or ill. Health insurance will keep you in good health during your stay abroad so that you can see a doctor and be treated if you fall ill.

Since you will be traveling a lot and being away from home for a long time, you need both types. Fortunately, the best travel insurance companies have policies that do both so you can save money and hassle.

Make sure you have the right coverage for the countries you plan to travel to. Some policies may not be valid in some countries. You can either plan your trips based on the coverage your policy offers or find the right company that covers the countries you plan to travel to.

If you are planning to travel to developing countries, make sure you have an emergency evacuation in your police force so that if you are injured or seriously ill you can be transported out of the country to a location with better services.

2 – Get ahead of visas

Part of the joy of long-term travel is not having to follow a set route. You can stay longer in a place where you feel a connection or end up finding a job there. However, many countries have time limits on how long a person can stay visa-free. Others even need a visa to enter the country.

You will need to have an approximate travel plan that includes the main countries you want to visit and what their visa policy is. In some cases, getting the visa can take several months, so you won’t be able to be spontaneous anyway. And during this time, you will also be without a passport if you have to send it to be stamped. Not understanding this can put the brakes on a trip if you haven’t discovered it ahead of time, preventing you from entering.

Your budget when planning the trip should also include the cost of obtaining these visas as they are usually not free in addition to the cost of the flight. Some can cost a little money.

3 – Will you need to work?

Many travelers end up sustaining their trip by working while they are away. This can be easy if you find yourself in tourist areas where temporary help is needed. Ski resorts often need people on short notice, as are many restaurants and beach hotels.

However, working in a country usually requires a visa and the job will need to sponsor you. Since this is expensive and time consuming for businesses, they often hire locals instead. Apply in advance for jobs you think you can do when you arrive so that you don’t end up jobless and homeless when you arrive.

You can do something like WWOOFing to get free accommodation and sometimes food for the work you do. It’s the Global Opportunity System on Organic Farms that connects farmers who need help but don’t have the money to pay with travelers looking to extend their vacations to an area.

There is always the option to work remotely or run an online business while you are traveling. This falls into a fun gray area as it is technically not legal to work while you are in a country since you are not paying taxes there. Since it is impossible to verify if you are making money online, this is the best way to be able to support your travels. This is what digital nomads do to be able to travel the world and afford it.

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