TBWA Future of Travel Report Predicts Greener, Smarter, Conscious Future

Backslash, the cultural intelligence unit of TBWA Worldwide, released its Future of Travel report.

The report is the third in Backslash’s “Future of” series, which explores what’s going on and, more importantly, what’s going on. should– then come in the categories not to be missed.

For decades, tourism has been defined by volume. Predictable routes and discount flights have attracted the masses, wreaking havoc on our dearest destinations and the people who live there. But as the world begins to book post-vaccination getaways, the report predicts a greener, smarter, and more intentional era of travel is upon us.

The report draws on cultural intelligence to unlock four disruptive travel growth opportunities and outlines specific ways for companies to take action, whether by reaching out to untapped audiences, introducing new services, or implementing new services. investing in product innovation.

  • Ta Great Redemption: An era of more attentive tourism will rebalance the scales, considering a place and its inhabitants as much as the traveler. Find out how anti-tourism, responsible restrictions and AI will reset the category.
  • Anchorless Living: As we move from one-off vacations to permanent trips, tourism businesses will be forced to respond to a changing life. Find out how telecommuting, nomadic concierges and flexible packages will pave the way for a new kind of business travel.
  • Travel inward: As travelers turn inward, routes will increasingly be built around the mind and body. Looking to the future, psychedelics, interactive dining experiences, and evidence-based amenities will be the markers of a truly transformative getaway.
  • Destination unknown: The pursuit of new frontiers will redefine travel aspirations. Find out how hedonistic escapes, end-of-the-world destinations, and the ability to create your own virtual adventures will bring back the magic of travel.

Agathe Guerrier, Director of Strategy at TBWA Worldwide, said: “The pandemic has changed business and leisure travel as we know it, and the time away from travel has shown us that we are ready for a reset.

“While travel volumes are expected to remain depressed for some time, there are many new opportunities for brands to add value to the category. As is often the case, the companies that help shape the future will be those that find their place there. “

Cecelia Girr, Director of Cultural Strategy at Backslash said: “The journey is at an inflection point. For decades we have enjoyed unlimited travel without much guilt, but we are finally realizing that mass tourism has consequences. So even though we book fewer trips in the future, the trips we take will be more intentional.

“And because of that, we’ll see companies start to focus on high volume to high value, which is a really encouraging turnaround,” said one.

The Future of Travel report was born out of months of in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, strategic ideation, and collaboration between 44 Culture Spotters from 26 global TBWA offices.

Our Spotters bring expertise from their work at some of the world’s largest travel agencies, from Hilton to Singapore Airlines to Tourism New Zealand.

The Future of Travel report can be downloaded at Backslash.com/FutureofTravel.

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