Strengthening Internet connectivity to attract digital nomads to Costa Rica

Costa Rica tourist destination It is located in coastal and mountainous areas where access is not always stable and fast. Digital nomads Longer stay, transport, food, laundry, education, Visits, Beauty services, accommodation, etc.

Despite the fact that digital nomads who decide to work from home from Costa Rica will enjoy many benefits, recently approved legislation improves the availability of high-speed internet connections outside the metropolitan area (GAM). is necessary.

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This was underlined by the experts who participated in Think & Tech’s “Digital Nomads: Opportunities to Strengthen the Horizontal Knowledge Network” organized by the Information and Communication Technology Council (Camtic).

Gustavosegra, Minister of Tourism; Pedro Beirute, general manager of the promoter of foreign trade (Procomer). Shirley Carbo, Executive Director of the National Tourist Board (Canatur). Ignacio Trejos, co-founder of Cenfotec; Speakers were former Deputy Minister of Telecommunications Edwin Estrada and former Minister of Science and Technology Luis Adrian Salazar.

One of the reasons digital nomads have chosen Costa Rica to do their job is good connectivity, but it is recognized that it is important to strengthen it to do the job smoothly. Minister of Tourism Gustavo Segra..

Sufficient bandwidth

Remote work done by tourists requires high bandwidth where they settle, Trejos and Estrada highlighted, and symmetrical connections. That is, the speed of sending and downloading information should be the same.

“Our poor connectivity is where it coincides with tourist destinations, where we need to consider investing in infrastructure to achieve stable broadband connectivity,” he said. Canatur.. Estrada pointed out that the first thing tourists ask when they arrive in a hotel is whether they have internet. This shows how important the connection is today.

A law that attracts workers and international remote service providers, commonly known as “digital nomads”, was approved by the legislative plenary in a second debate on July 13.

This initiative benefits these workers by granting them special immigration status and exempting them from income tax in order to promote the attractiveness of foreigners working outside Costa Rica. To provide.

New Medellin?

According to Storage Café Survey data on the 10 most popular destinations for digital nomads, only one was found in the Americas. This is Medellín from Colombia. The others are found in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Continent / Destination:

United States / Colombia, Medellin

Europe / Budapest, Hungary; Lisbon, Portugal; Tbilisi, Georgia

Africa / South Africa, Cape Town

Asia / Chiang Mai, Thailand; Canggu and Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. Taipei, Taiwan; Da Nang, Vietnam

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