Stormzy tells people with mental health problems to stop smoking weed

Stormzy told people with mental health problems to quit smoking cannabis.

The grime star – real name Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. – has revealed he has had mental health issues over the past few years and said smoking cannabis only made it worse.

Stormzy told people with mental health issues to stop smoking weed. Credit: PA

In an interview with Carney community – a south London charity that helps underprivileged young people – the 26-year-old said: “If you have mental health issues quit smoking weed. It is not good for your health mental.

“I have suffered from mental health issues for the past few years. When I was feeling depressed I would lock myself up and smoke weed and get worse and worse. It doesn’t help your situation. ** I reassure you.

“It feels good for, like, 20 minutes and then after that … we all know, we weed smokers, we know how it goes.”

But the rapper explained why he may have gotten rid of the accounts in his interview with Carney’s Community.

He said: “If you’re going on social media and it’s not doing you good, stop.”

Stormzy also advised people not to use social media if it made them feel bad.  Credit: PA
Stormzy also advised people not to use social media if it made them feel bad. Credit: PA

I can’t argue with that logic, to be fair. His Facebook account is still active, so we probably didn’t make him feel bad.

Shortly before deleting his other accounts, Stormzy was embroiled in a growing and rather bizarre online feud with the “godfather of filth”, Wiley.

It reached its peak on February 15 when DMs shared by Stormzy that would have been from his old friend, claiming that Wiley wanted to do away with the beef.

Stormzy tweeted: “‘Wiley is a pr ** k because he loves to talk shit then he calms down and begs him’ are you the godfather?!?!

“You are a fucking pathetic lmao lmao @WileyUK about you hate yourself for that, is that your king?!? #IHateMyself #Loser #IamSorry #IwishThisDidntHappen # ThisManIs41.”

The messages read: “You know what I just want this. I hate myself for it, just to let you know.

“More than any battle I’ve ever had. Because that didn’t mean more than our friendship and I threw it away. And I know that, I’m sorry.”

In a typical combative manner, Wiley responded, “Don’t post screenshots of me speaking after you speak, let’s see what you say.

“I never repost what is said in the Dm, but if I did everything you would look like nothing, so don’t try this trick with me.”

Fortunately, the deletion of Stormzy’s Twitter account also marked the end of the tedious back-and-forth.

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