Start working on the beach with these 7 digital nomadic destinations

With remote working now a way of life for laptop-centric professionals around the world, working from home in 2020 has given way to “work from anywhere” in 2021 and beyond.

Living an unattached existence that doesn’t depend on having to show up for work in an office (or even being in a specific city) means that “digital nomads” can move and conduct business from anywhere. where with wifi.

To this has been added a devastating drop in tourism, which means that many countries around the world (especially paradise destinations economically dependent on visitors) are doing all they can to attract people from abroad.

We looked at seven sites that recently launched dedicated digital nomad visas.


Year Barbados welcome stamp was one of the first digital nomadic visas to be available in July. It is also one of the most expensive.

But Prime Minister Mia Mottley says he’s flexible.

“You can come here and work for a few months at a time; come back and come back, ”she explains.

According to the president of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc, Sunil Chatrani, the island “has fiber optic internet and the fastest mobile services in the Caribbean.”

Price: € 1,650 / person or € 2,500 for families


Bermuda is also happy to accommodate remote workers for up to 12 months, provided they can provide health insurance, as well as proof of employment or higher education enrollment.

Bermuda Business Development Agency can provide advice and assistance when it comes to connecting with the local business community.

Price: 220 €


Mauritius Visa Premium will allow self-employed workers from the place to settle on this island in the Indian Ocean for up to a year, provided they earn their main source of income elsewhere.

A concierge will help newcomers find accommodation, get a car and open a bank account.

Price: The premium visa is issued free of charge.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Nomadic Digital Residence The visa program is valid for up to two years – as long as applicants expect to earn more than US $ 50,000 per year.

This independent Commonwealth country (made up of two islands) is located in the West Indies and has both tropical forest and stunning white sand beaches.

Price: € 1,240 / person or € 1,650 for a couple or € 2,500 for a family.


The low-lying island of Anguilla, in the eastern Caribbean, is load the same than Barbados for its 91-day to 12-month work visa.

“Trade the sidewalks for beach work,” he says in his promotional video.

The proposition is certainly tempting although it should be noted that it is a very small island measuring only 26 km by 5 km, so there is a very limited choice of restaurants, bars and hotels.

Price: € 1,650 / individual or € 2,500 / family

Cayman Islands

The Global Citizen Concierge program allows financially independent people to work in the Cayman Islands for up to two years.

However, applicants must earn a minimum income of € 83,000 per year, if applying as an individual. This British overseas territory has three islands, Grand Cayman being the largest with 196 km².

Price: € 1,250 per year for two people maximum (€ 415 per dependent, per year)


If you fancy settling in the trendy tropical paradise of Tulum, for example, the Mexico Temporary Residence Visa is available for digital nomads who have earned over $ 27,000 in the past year or have had a monthly income of $ 1,620 or more in the past six months.

Renting a property is cheap and the country has a wide variety of experiences and places to explore.

Price: 30 €

As people rethink not only the way they work, but the way they spend their vacations, the benefits of combining work and leisure over an extended period will become evident and adopted in ways that people did not have the courage to do before.

Jenny Southan is a writer and founder of the travel trends forecasting agency Globetrender

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