Sri Lanka is the second preferred destination for remote work in the APAC region – Business News

Sri Lanka has been ranked as the second favorite destination in the Asia-Pacific region for remote work, according to Kayak’s Work from Wherever Index.

The island nation is ranked second behind Japan and overtakes countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, the recently launched index revealed.

In a global context, Sri Lanka obtained the 13th position, among 111 countries analyzed by Kayak.
Sri Lanka received an overall score of 80, out of 100. Out of a total of 100 points, the island nation received 80/100 for travel, 94/100 for local prices, 47/100 for health and safety , 41/100 for remote work, 25/100 for social life and 81/100 for weather.

“Sri Lanka has very attractive local prices and affordable long-term apartment rentals, which creates great travel opportunities.

Digital nomads will certainly appreciate good weather conditions throughout the year,” Kayak, the world’s leading travel search engine, said in a statement that released the final index rankings.

He added that another important factor that argues in favor of choosing Sri Lanka for jobs is the digital nomad visa which was recently introduced.

Kayak’s Work from Wherever Index aims to be the ultimate source for those looking to set up a new office away from home temporarily or for a longer period of time.

The unique index was developed by ranking 111 countries, based on 22 factors, in six categories.
The categories analyzed are travel costs and accessibility, local prices, health and safety, remote working capabilities, social life and weather.

The index essentially reveals the countries from which it is easiest to work while having fun during off-peak hours.

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