Aiming to attract international talent whose expertise can play an important role in inspiring digital and tech startups and all other targeted industries to use modern smart technologies,

the Thailand Board of Investment grants its “Smart Visa” to qualified professionals. Since 2018, professionals and their family members who pass the assessments set by the BOI and the National Innovation Agency (NIA) 1 have been granted permission to stay in Thailand for up to a maximum of four years, with the exception of the need to acquire a work permit.

Professionals working in the following thirteen sectors are eligible for the Smart Visa program:

• New generation automobile

• Smart electronics

• Comfortable, medical and well-being tourism

• Agriculture and biotechnology

• Food for the future

• Automation and robotics

• Aviation and logistics

• Biofuels and biochemistry

• digital

• Medical Center

• Alternative dispute resolution

• Development of human resources in science and technology

• Environmental management and renewable energies

Professionals in these industries can apply for one of the five categories of the Smart Visa program: T for Talent, I for Investors, E for Executives, S for Startups, and O for Spouses and Children of Visa Holders. intelligent.

To be eligible for the Smart “Talents” Visa program, the key criteria for expatriates is to have a minimum monthly salary of 100,000 baht or a monthly salary of 50,000 baht for those employed by startups or as retired experts. .

Those applying in the category of “smart investors” must invest at least 20 million baht either in an industry that uses technology as a basis for manufacturing or providing services or in a venture capital firm accredited by the agencies. Thai government. Those who invest a minimum of 5 million baht in startups or incubations are also eligible for the visa.

Applicants for the Smart Visa “Executives” program must receive a minimum monthly salary of 200,000 baht and have at least ten years of experience in their profession. Applicants must be in a senior management position and have an employment contract for an assignment to work in Thailand with the remaining term of the contract being at least one year.

Applicants eligible for the Smart Startup visa must meet one of the following three criteria: 1) Founded a startup in Thailand that embraces technology or innovation, and is approved by the NIA or the Promotion Agency. the digital economy (DEPA) or participated in a startup bootcamps endorsed by the NIA or DEPA, and having held at least 25% of the company’s share capital or held a position of director in the company; 2) has participated in an incubation, accelerator or similar program approved by the NIA, DEPA or related agencies; or 3) has a plan to found a startup in Thailand in one of the targeted industries with the startup approved by the NIA or is engaged in an activity to promote startups and is approved by the BOI, NIA or government agencies associated.

Those eligible for the Type “O” Smart Visa are spouses and legitimate children aged 18 or under of Smart Visa holders.

Smart Visa holders are entitled to an extended period which they are required to report to the BOI One-Center Immigration Office from every 90 days to once a year with a maximum residence permit of four years.

Current residents or experts who wish to enter Thailand under the Smart Visa program can submit their applications through the “Smart Visa Online” system at, the results being due within 30 business days of the completed application has been received.

With a mission to drive innovation and tech startups in Thailand, the NIA has collaborated with the BOI to support the Smart Visa program. The NIA currently operates two sites as one-stop service centers that provide advice to anyone applying for a Smart Visa or operating a business in Thailand. Both centers are located at True Digital Park, “Bangkok Cyber ​​Tech District” 2 and “Chiangmai & Co” 3 in the northern province of the country of Chiang Mai, which is popular with international digital nomads.

For more information, please contact BOI’s One Start One Stop Investment Center by phone at +66 82 209 1100, by email at [email protected] or by visiting





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