SL offers $ 600 for a digital nomad visa

Visa valid for one year: Ministry of TourismSeptember 7th campaign to promote digital tourism in the Middle East.

BY Cassendra Doole

The visa fee for the recently approved Digital Nomad Visa will be $ 600, according to Tourism Department sources.

Ministry sources, addressing Morning business said the government has made the decision to attract “digital nomads” as this is a rapidly growing segment within the global travel and tourism industry, with long-term visas d ‘a year. “According to the cabinet document, the proposed visa fee will be $ 600 for these tourists.”

Digital tourism is a new method of travel that has been created due to the pandemic situation affecting the world. He is mainly identified as tourists who travel using digital technology for a living. Digital tourists – more commonly known as digital nomads – often stay in libraries or public cafes to provide their services online. Thus, these tourists are attracted by long-term visas, high-speed internet connections for communication, affordable housing, income tax exemptions, etc., which the government uses to attract them.

The concept of the digital nomad was primarily born out of the need to “work from anywhere” after the pandemic.

Many tourist attractions such as Chiang Mai in Thailand, Lisbon in Portugal, Colombia, Medellin and Bali in Indonesia have taken strong action to promote digital tourism. The ministry added that Sri Lanka hopes to become a favorite among digital tourists soon. In addition, the promotion of digital tourism can easily be done in accordance with the health guidelines required due to the pandemic situation.

In the meantime, the ministry also declared Morning business that the government is focusing on and implementing a number of other promotional campaigns to boost tourism in Sri Lanka. The main focus that has already been implemented are digital campaigns for Russian tourists, however, from 6 In September, the government will also implement campaigns for the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel. In addition, the government will also target German tourists by introducing promotional campaigns for wellness tourism.

Promotion programs will include strategic plans focused on the implementation of packages and relief offers from tour operators, tourist hotels and airlines.

The Tourism Ministry also said that since Sri Lanka’s vaccination programs are quite effective and 60% of the country is expected to be vaccinated soon, the ban on Sri Lankan tourists from entering other countries will be lifted soon. As a result, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have called for the lifting of the travel ban imposed on Sri Lanka by the 21 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, the Philippines, Germany, Norway, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

According to the ministry, the ban imposed by the United Arab Emirates will be lifted from today (5).

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