Should you move to Ghana or Senegal? This is the best expat option for you

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Who doesn’t have a friend living in Ghana? The sheer vibe of Accra alone is enough to encourage black travelers to relocate and start a whole new Ghanaian life. As a hotspot for the African diaspora, Ghana has become a spiritual, cultural and literal haven that only seems to be growing in popularity. But is it for you?

The atmosphere

The noise, the humor, the familiarity, the rush, the many cultures existing in one space – Ghana is truly full of life, it literally contains a lot of it. The Ghanaian charm that grips black expats is the sense of pride in the land and belonging that is hard to ignore.

There is a large and growing expat community in Ghana, which makes moving relatively comfortable, perhaps even less daunting. With this growing community comes endless opportunities for networking and building community with the wider African Diaspora.

With Ghana being home to many clans, languages ​​and traditions, there isn’t a day that you won’t learn something new and experience a new side to the country. In this way, the country keeps growing for a black expat who seeks to know the history of the country.

The official language is English, although as mentioned many languages ​​are spoken in Ghana including Twi and Fante to name but two. The currency is the Ghanaian cedi and neighboring countries are Togo, Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso.

The traveler

As mentioned, Ghana is one of the top destinations for black expatriates looking for a home base on the continent. In this sense, you have to accept the crowds, the people (a lot) and the traffic that seems endless.

from Ghana “The Year of Return” has made the country particularly welcoming to black expatriates seeking to resettle or reconnect with their roots. You will enjoy Ghana if you are enterprising, network-centric or have a personality that wants to be rooted in an African country full of people with ideas and creativity.

Ghana is also a great option for travelers who want to connect with the natural beauty outside of Accra – day trips and weekend trips to northern Ghana are highly recommended to make the most of your time outside from the excitement of Accra.

So when the time is right and you are ready to consciously go abroad with an open heart and a listening ear, Senegal or Ghana will introduce you to a new side of life that will be hard to forget. – whatever your choice we can promise.

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