Romanian parliament passes law introducing visas for digital nomads


The Romanian Chamber of Deputies adopted on Tuesday 21 December the bill regulating the implementation of the digital nomad visa program in Romania. The legal initiative offers digital travelers the possibility of obtaining a long-term visa for Romania.

The Senate also voted in favor of the law in September, and the Chamber of Deputies gave the deciding vote. Then the bill must be promulgated by President Klaus Iohannis and published in the Official Gazette to enter into force.

The law was initiated by the USR PLUS parliamentary group. It defines the “digital nomad” as a foreigner who wishes to travel or reside in Romania for a period of more than six months and who is employed by virtue of an employment contract with a company registered outside Romania or has a registered company. in a third country and continue to work for the employer or manage the company remotely using information and communication technologies from Romania.

Diana Buzoianu, member of the Chamber of Deputies and instigator of the bill, said that this new tool would help Romania to promote itself abroad and attract more financial resources.

“I registered this bill because I want to give Romania the necessary tools to promote abroad, as other European states have already done using the digital nomad visa. With this instrument, we will attract financial resources to Romania, like the other Member States which have done so successfully. […] Today we adopted a law which responds to Romania’s need to attract both human capital and financial resources and to better promote Romania in the eyes of foreigners. However, this is not enough. As the labor market evolves, our infrastructure will need to adapt to be attractive and competitive, ”she said.

From an economic point of view, if Romania attracts 2,000 digital nomads every year, who would spend an average of 2,000 euros per month per year, this would translate into around 50 million euros attracted to the national economy, according to one Press release.

“It is clear that the presence of digital nomads will prompt local and national public administration to implement measures aimed at digitizing public services. In addition, digital nomads will be able to bring innovative business opportunities since many of them are already working in such companies. It is the Romanian decision to go further and to become competitive and attractive in this direction, in order to follow the other States which have already expressed their interest in attracting digital nomads ”, also declared Diana Buzoianu.

Among the states that have implemented the legal instrument regarding digital nomads are Germany, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Croatia, Norway and some non-EU states such as Costa Rica, Georgia, Dubai, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Barbados, Antigua. and Barbuda, Mexico, Australia and Thailand.

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