Romania to launch new digital nomad visa


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Another EU country will soon unveil a digital nomad visa program.

According to Schengen Visa News, the Romanian Senate voted in favor of the implementation of a digital nomadic visa in Romania.

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Plan for Romania’s new digital nomad visa

With the aim of boosting the economy and attracting a different type of tourists to the country, the Senate has approved a visa program that will potentially attract longer-term visitors to Romania. Romanian Chamber of Deputies member Diana Buzoianu, who initiated a new bill, explained the motivation behind the digital nomad visa.

“This legal initiative was developed after months of work in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, as well as with experts working with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . I started the project because I was confident that it was a law through which financial resources can be attracted to Romania, as many other Member States have already done.

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What is a digital nomad visa?

Digital nomadic visas are generally intended for people who work primarily on their computers. These can be either independent contractors (also called freelancers) who do not have to travel to a location to work, or people whose work is done only remotely and who are legally authorized to perform their tasks in a remote location. outside of their country of origin.

A digital nomadic visa also offers people who can work remotely the option of a long-term stay in a destination outside of their country of residence.

Rustic cobbled street with colorful houses in the old town of Sighisoara, Romania

Some attractive aspects of a digital nomad-friendly country include a relatively low rental cost, fast Wi-Fi, and opportunities for outdoor adventure in the countryside on weekends – all that a destination like Romania.

The conditions under which a traveler can obtain a digital nomad visa differ from country to country. In some cases, applicants must justify a certain amount of annual income. An example of this is in Barbados, where the minimum income of 50,000 USD is expected.

If you consider yourself a digital nomad and want to apply for a visa to set up a longer term camp, check whether the digital nomad visa can be extended or not. An example would be the Dubai Remote Work Visa, which cannot be extended.

Coast and beach of the Black Sea in Constanta, Romania at sunset

EU countries with a digital nomad visa program

Currently, the countries that are part of the EU bloc that offer opportunities for a digital nomad type of visa are Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Iceland. A digital nomadic visa for the Republic of Greece is also in preparation.

More recently, the nation of Malta opened registration for a one-year digital nomad visa. The visa applies to those who work for companies operating outside Malta and can show proof of vaccination.

Steps in Greece facing the Mediterranean Sea

Although not part of the EU, the Republic of Georgia offers a great opportunity for remote workers looking to relocate somewhere for longer term travel. Canadians and Americans can obtain a one-year residency and the required income is US $ 2,000 per month. It is a good alternative to the tourist visa stamp, which is currently not allowed due to the ongoing pandemic.

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Travel restrictions for Romania

Fully vaccinated travelers from the United States and Canada can currently travel to Romania for non-essential purposes. Visitors must present a valid international certificate of full vaccination against Covid-19 with a vaccine approved for travel.

    Statue of Decebal on the Danube, Romania

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