Romania takes another step towards creating special visas for digital nomads

Romanian deputies, together with the Ministry of Research, submitted to Parliament a draft law regulating the implementation of the nomadic digital visa for remote workers in Romania.

The legislative project aims to modify emergency ordinance no. 194 of 12 December 2002, for the regime of foreigners in Romania, in order to introduce a new reason for obtaining a visa permit in the country.

“Digital nomads are defined as foreign citizens who wish to live in Romania longer, while working remotely for an international employer or for a company that they have registered in a third country. We invite international citizens to live and enjoy our beautiful country, where innovation crosses traditions and nature, ”said Diana Buzoianu, Member of the Romanian Parliament and initiator of the Digital Nomad Visa program.

The Visa for Digital Nomads is a long stay visa permit for third country nationals who have an active employment contract with a company or carry out business activities for their own registered company outside of Romania, thus being able to work at distance and regardless of a fixed location, according to a press release.

The main conditions for applying for such a visa include proof of being an employee or the owner of a company registered outside Romania; proof of health insurance for the period for which the visa was obtained; and proof of the absence of a criminal record.

Romania is considered one of the best countries for remote working, mainly due to its high internet speed or the low monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment. CircleLoop ranked Romania third in its Digital Nomad Index, after Canada and the UK.

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