Romania launches new “Digital Nomad” visa

As of January 17, 2022, the Romanian government began implementing a new “Digital Nomad” visa designed to allow foreign nationals to enter the country for work purposes without first being sponsored by a local employer. The new visa is expected to provide increased flexibility for remote workers while helping to attract human and financial capital during a time of critical labor shortages. Romania’s introduction of the Digital Nomad visa follows the launch of remote working visas in countries like Iceland and the United Arab Emirates.

Requirements for the Digital Nomad Visa

Foreign nationals wishing to take advantage of Romania’s Digital Nomad visa will generally need to apply for a long-term visa at a Romanian consulate abroad. After entering Romania, applicants can then obtain a temporary residence permit with the mention “digital nomad”. Romania’s Digital Nomad visa is valid for six months, but is renewable if the foreign national continues to meet the eligibility requirements. These requirements include:

  • Employment (full-time or part-time) outside Romania or business ownership outside Romania for at least 3 years prior to submitting the application.
  • Proof of income for the past six months, showing three times the Romanian average gross salary of 6,095 LEI – approximately €3,700 or $4,170 per month. Applicants must also demonstrate their financial ability to support themselves for the duration of the visa.
  • Presentation of identity documents, employment contracts, company information and a statement explaining the nature of the applicant’s stay in Romania. Additional information or documents may also be required by immigration authorities. For example, business owners applying for a Digital Nomad visa may be required to submit copies of business registration documents.

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