Requests for specialist support from digital nomads increased by 1,000% in 2022

Nomads Embassy is the world’s first service where digital nomads can get professional support and guidance for the unique challenges that come with a location-independent lifestyle.

The digital nomad lifestyle has never been more accessible than it is today. As hundreds of businesses shift to entirely remote structures and people start creating their own online income streams, people are quickly seeing how little it matters where they are.

Digital nomads work remotely, as employees, entrepreneurs or freelancers, and travel the world while earning a decent income from their laptops.

There has been a surge in the number of people choosing this location independent lifestyle. According to MBO Partners, in 2021 there were 15.5 million American digital nomads, a 42% increase from the previous year.

The world is starting to change to support digital nomads and their location independent lifestyle. More than 20 countries, including Greece, Croatia, Portugal and Brazil, have introduced digital nomad visas, offering residency permits to remote workers allowing them to live in the country.

As these incredible changes take place, more and more people are considering switching to this lifestyle. However, this poses unique challenges that can be difficult to manage without the right support.

Until now, those who wanted to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle have been on their own. They spent hours scouring Facebook groups and freelance blog posts, searching for answers to their most pressing questions about destinations suitable for digital nomads, which visas they needed for specific countries, where to file their taxes. , etc

This year alone, support requests for digital nomads have increased by 1000%, according to Google Trends, which clearly shows a problem worth fixing.

Digital nomads can now access expert support for their unique lifestyle.

Italian startup Nomads Embassy: the world’s first embassy for digital nomads offers professional support and advice to any digital nomad who needs help.

Founded by veteran digital nomads Jacopo Gomarasca of Milan, Italy and Brittany Loeffler of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nomads Embassy is a one-stop-shop for all things digital nomad lifestyle.

“When I started my digital nomad journey, I had no idea what I was doing. There were many times when I wished I had someone to turn to for help. help, someone to tell me what to expect,” says co-founder Brittany Loeffler. “Nomads Embassy was born to simplify the lifestyle of digital nomads with strategic partnerships, informative content, and support.”

Nomads Embassy caters to those who don’t feel fit to work in a fixed-hours office, freelancers who want to travel, employees who want a change, and unemployed people looking for a fresh start.

Through partnerships with lawyers to help with digital nomad visa applications, weekly newsletters with travel discounts, digital nomad success stories, and more, digital nomads are finally getting the support they need. ask.

Receive unparalleled digital nomad support from Nomads Embassy today.

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