Portugal tries to attract digital nomads with its recent campaign

The Portuguese Tourism Association of Cascais has launched a promotional campaign to attract digital nomads.

The campaign titled “It works for you” also includes a promotional video that talks about remote work combined with leisure as well as lifestyle, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

“Through this campaign, Cascais invites all digital nomads looking for an outdoor destination to enjoy the “magical” working conditions and a lifestyle that reconciles work and a constant feeling of vacation”, notes the association.

The campaign was projected by the Cascais Tourism Association in order to promote the country as a favorable destination for all those interested in remote work while emphasizing the offer of coworking spaces available in Cascais .

Portugal is one of the favorite European countries for freelancers and freelancers.

Thus, internationals interested in a visa that allows long-term residence as well as authorizations to earn a living in Europe have chosen Portugal to live and work from this country.

However, all those interested in living and working in Portugal will have to fulfill specific conditions.

The Portuguese authorities have specified that applicants interested in such a visa have two options:

  • A residence for people interested in working independently (working locally for clients in Portugal as a contract employee)
  • A residency visa for entrepreneurial work (digital nomad visa gathering clients from other countries)

Based on data provided by the World Bank, in 2019 a total of 16.9% of people in Portugal are self-employed or freelancers. These data show that the figures are higher in Portugal compared to the EU average of 15.2%.

The number of people interested in remote work is constantly increasing as many European countries offer such visas in order to bring more internationals to their countries and also to help their economic sectors recover. damage caused by the Coronavirus and its new strains.

Currently, the following European countries are considered to be the main favorable destinations that offer independent visas: Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Malta, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Romania and the Czech Republic.

However, internationals interested in freelance visas and digital nomad visas offered by the authorities of the countries mentioned above are advised to carefully follow the rules after the requirement to obtain such a visa differs between these countries.

Recently, Latvia and Italy unveiled their plans to introduce their digital nomad visas. The authorities of both countries have confirmed that they plan to introduce such visas and allow internationals to live and work remotely from these territories in a legal manner.

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