Phuket pushes to pilot Digital Nomad visa

PHUKET: Rawat Areerob, Chairman of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (PPAO, or OrBorJor) has submitted a formal request to the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office and Foreign Minister to create a ‘Digital Nomad’ visa for international visitors traveling to Phuket.

The request was announced by the Phuket Info Center, operated by the Phuket office of the Ministry of Interior, earlier today.

The PPAO itself and Mr. Rewat have yet to announce that the request has been made.

In notices published by the Phuket Info Center, Mr Rewat asked Phuket to pilot a new via called “Phuket X Community for Digital NOMADs Visa”.

Under the proposed visa, applicants must live in Phuket for six months to a year. They will automatically receive a work permit, can open a savings account and own up to three vehicles, and purchase health insurance while traveling in Thailand.

“Digital NOMADs are foreign tourists working in the world’s largest companies in the fields of Digital, IT and the Internet. It is a group of people who live, travel and work at the same time, using the internet as their main tool to earn money,” Mr. Rewat explained in the notices.

“They can have their own online business, be self-employed, or work on projects. businesses that can work online. For example, programmers, web designers, graphic designers, online marketers, etc. “, he added.

“Most Digital NOMADs will spend a lot of time in a foreign country with high income and purchasing power,” he pointed out.

“If the Phuket X Community for Digital NOMADs visa campaign is successful, we will develop a new revenue stream for Phuket and help boost tourism and the creative economy.

“It will create new business opportunities for Phuket such as co-working spaces, cafes, restaurants and various activities that NOMADs love,” Mr Rewat added.

“It would make a difference for Thailand in the Asean region and create a form of income for Phuket that would no longer depend on seasonal tourists or be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. These people will move to the province throughout the year,” Mr. Rewat said.

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