Phuket foreigners called again for ‘ignoring’ Covid rules

Phuket foreigners are arrested again for their alleged non-conformities Covid-19 security measures. A meeting of senior Phuket officials and a majority of consuls and representatives of foreign governments ruled that those who are not “socially responsible” will face legal action, with the most intransigent being expelled from Thailand.

Yesterday’s meeting aimed to discuss ways to prevent the spread of the virus among foreign tourists living in Phuket. 14 representatives of the consuls attended the meeting, including …








South Korea







According to the meeting report, participants were given the opportunity to express their opinions and make recommendations regarding the Covid-19 epidemic. The report included this wording …

“However, if the disease investigation conducted by the Phuket Province Public Health Bureau reveals that you (foreigners) are at high risk or have tested positive for Covid-19, you (foreigners) must be socially responsible by preparing for treatment in strict accordance with the place set by the Office of Public Health, which is this standard. The same standard as Thai citizens living in the province of Phuket. “

“If you (foreigners) do not comply, there will be legal penalties and will affect your consideration for being allowed to stay in the Kingdom.”

The report did not include any statement from the consuls on the message, but noted that the UK honorary consul had offered to ask the provincial government to allocate Covid-19 vaccination quotas to foreigners living in Phuket and to specify how many long it would last. be before foreigners can receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

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Officials confirmed yesterday that expats in Phuket will be included and receive Covid-19 vaccines as part of the Thai government’s vaccination program. Dr Chalermpong from Vachira Phuket Hospital, made the announcement and said that 100,000 first doses are reserved for registered residents and people from other provinces who work in tourism, but the next batch will be open to other industries as well as foreigners. Chalermpong confirmed that inoculation eligibility will be broad.

The honorary consul of Norway has asked provincial officials to prepare information published on a central website for the convenience and speed of extracting information for use in public relations. Netherlands Honorary Consul Seven Smulders has called on provincial authorities to update the progress of the Covid situation in Phuket to the English-speaking media.

Phuket government officials recently threatened to strictly enforce the 20,000 baht face mask fine and contact consular officials to strangers who refuse to hide. The vice governor of Phuket has issued a stern warning that all people are required to wear face masks in public at all times.

But foreigners aren’t the only ones being criticized for not wearing masks. Thailand’s own prime minister was recently fined 6,000 baht for failing to wear a mask during a Cabinet meeting at Government House by the Governor of Bangkok. And now, 3 government employees have contracted Covid-19.

However, no explanation has been provided as to what inspired the Phuket Immigration Office to start insisting strongly on the need for people to follow Covid prevention measures, other than the growing number of infections. .

Yesterday was the first time that the Phuket immigration office warned foreigners in Phuket that they could have their stay in the country cut short if they are surprised by not following Covid prevention measures. The meeting noted that there are currently around 11,000 foreigners living in Phuket.

SOURCE: Phuket News

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