Opulent residential superyachts set to sail in 2024

Storylines’ Latest MV Narrative Ship Offers the Rare Opportunity to Indulge in a Luxurious Aquatic Lifestyle Year-Round | Source: Scenarios

The idea of ​​traveling the world, of making extended stops in exotic places between sunbathing and fine dining is old, cruise ships have been offering their passengers enviable maritime experiences for many years.

But living permanently in your own floating apartment is relatively new.

Two luxury residential yachts, due for completion and making their maiden voyage in 2024, a “residential community at sea”, the MV Narrative, under construction in Croatia and a luxury “liner yacht” from Somnio, under construction construction in Norway, promise to help you realize the dream of living at sea.

The MV Narrative will offer residences ranging in price from around AU$530,000 to AU$10.5 million and on the exclusive Somnio apartments will start at over AU$14.5 million.

Storylines MV story

Storylines offers fully furnished one- to four-bedroom apartments, as well as two-story studios and penthouses, primarily as outright purchases, with a limited number of 12-, 24-, and 60-year leases available.

Residences can be rented or sold like any other type of residential property and the company is also offering resident owners a perpetuity clause, meaning they will be able to transfer ownership to a future vessel, making the apartments a long-term investment. .

Exterior render of the Storylines Narrative MV | Source: Scenarios

Residents will be charged “living expenses” ranging from AU$65,000 to AU$200,000 per unit per year, which will pay for everything necessary to operate the vessel.

The MV Narrative will have various amenities and attractions, making life at sea as comfortable and entertaining as possible. With 20 restaurant concepts and bars, a microbrewery, three swimming pools, a 10,000-book library, a movie theatre, a state-of-the-art wellness center, a bowling alley and a solar-powered hydroponic garden farm, residents will be well supported.

Source: Cruise Mapper
Pool render at Storylines Narrative MV.

The 225-meter vessel will embark on a maiden 1,000-day round-the-world voyage in 2024, stopping in each port for an average of three to five days, visiting all continents.

There will be a number of ‘residents’ choice’ days in addition to scheduled ports of call, residents will be able to request ports of call and customize the route the ship takes.

Founder and CEO Alister Punton says a number of the 547 the units have already been sold and he expects them to sell in 2022. Potential residents are interviewed to ensure they are “well-suited to the community” and “understand all of the founding principles”.

Exterior render of the Storylines Narrative MV | Source: Scenarios

“Storylines is a real community, and a community needs everyone,” he said. “You need different types of people from all walks of life to create this community.”

“We have retirees and kids and everyone in between, including young digital nomads,” says Punton. “And a lot of families come on board. In this area, it is those in their 30s and 40s with young children. We have the whole range.

The ship will host fully staffed medical and educational facilities to meet the needs of all residents and will have a post office and onboard pharmacy.

Residential Yacht Somnio

Something between a cruise liner and a superyacht, the Somnio will “single-handedly create a niche in the market – a Yacht Liner” according to the design firm behind the project, Winch.

The ship will include “facilities, amenities and an itinerary you’d expect from a luxury cruise liner”, but with 39 customizable apartments starting at A$14.5 million, it is being built to meet the needs of needs of those seeking the luxury yacht lifestyle.

The onboard attractions are lavish; a panoramic lounge, a 10,000 bottle “wine den”, a variety of restaurants and a huge beach club with its own marina make the ship a millionaire’s playground.

The 39 apartments range from 150 square meter one-bedroom apartments to 600 square meter apartments large enough to accommodate 3 or 4 bedrooms, dining areas and living areas.

Source: Winch Design

While each bespoke apartment will include a fully equipped kitchen, there will also be onboard room service and a range of restaurants for residents to choose from.

One of the benefits of buying an apartment on the 221 meter Somnio will be the fully customizable interiors, owners can issue their own individual design brief and choose features such as a private massage room, gym and a private office.

Source: Tillberg design

There will be room for 170 crew members to meet all the owner’s needs with the possibility of a private concierge for each apartment as well as medical facilities and a fleet of tenders to disembark in the event of an emergency.

Ownership will be exclusive, with a steering committee selecting owners based on Somnio’s vision of bringing together a “community of like-minded individuals”.

“Owners will share a truly unique lifestyle at sea, with a hand-picked crew and an endless global itinerary of carefully selected destinations and experiences befitting a yacht of this nature,” said Captain Erik Bredhe. , former captain of the M/V The World and one of the founders of the residential yacht Somnio.

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