Norway tops the rankings for Digital Nomad visas. Several other highly rated European nationals

As the world embarked on remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic, several countries around the world have announced new “digital nomadic visas” to cover lost tourism income. Instead of bringing in short-term visitors for a week, why not encourage them to come and enjoy the country for a few months or more?

This turned out to be a wise move as several multinational companies have announced their intention to make telecommuting a permanent policy for their staff. After all, if you really needed to quarantine yourself for 2 weeks upon arrival, you would definitely want to stay a lot longer than that to make the trip worth it.

Analyze the best digital nomadic visas

While some countries have officially marketed their long-stay visas for digital nomads, many other countries like Spain actually have self-sufficiency visas issued to retirees or those with foreign income who meet basic principles of d ‘a digital nomadic visa.

InsureMyTrip travel insurance comparison site examined various country-related parameters that facilitate remote working. They analyzed: Internet speed, average apartment rent, happiness, language difficulties, acceptance of nomads, cost of a remote work visa and the duration of a remote work visa .

Based on this, Norway topped the rankings with a score of 7.88 out of a possible 10, enjoying maximum scores in the visa duration category (10), outstanding scores in nomadic acceptance (9.1) and of happiness (9.9) and Internet speed ratings (7.4). Where Norway’s ratings were hit was, unsurprisingly, in the cost of living.

The top ten

  1. Norway – 7.88
  2. Mexico – 7:30 a.m.
  3. Germany – 7.19
  4. Portugal – 6.84
  5. Iceland – 6.83
  6. Greece – 6.45
  7. Costa Rica – 6.11
  8. Jamaica – 6.03
  9. Spain – 6.02
  10. Bermuda – 5.97

While the cost of its accommodation scored particularly high, costing an average of $ 354 per month, Mexico got full marks for providing a free remote work visa, along with Greece, Mauritius, Aruba and Georgia. . Be prepared for slow internet in Mexico, as it earned a paltry 0.75 out of ten in this category.

The lowest on the list was the UAE, with an average income of 4.13 out of 10, due to its difficulty learning the country’s native language (Arabic, although English certainly goes a long way), the internet speed and visa duration.

Ronni Kenoian, Director of Marketing at InsureMyTrip, commented:

“As more people become fully immunized, we anticipate that more remote workers may consider moving to another country.

“For those who can pick up the laptop and go to work anywhere in the world, this list is a great inspiration for those looking to do so. It is also important to note that people wishing to work abroad should obtain appropriate emergency medical coverage and appropriate travel insurance. “

Are these comparisons fair?

Two of the seven parameters relate to the cost and duration of a digital nomad visa. It should be remembered that citizens of the European Economic Area (EU27 plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) are allowed to live and register in any other EEA country for free or for one. small stay visa fee for non-EU citizens, and no bureaucracies to provide items such as criminal record certificates or bank statements dating back several months.

While it is true that these should use the same objective measures in all the countries analyzed, being a digital nomad is very specific to individuals and each will give its own weight to each category. Maybe one person appreciates the happiness ranking the most, or others prefer to have a more optimized tax situation.

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But when the results are presented to two decimal places, and countries like Portugal and Iceland are only separated by 0.01 / 10, it would be strongly advised to review the results. full results and assess the raw scores for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

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