Nomadic Croatian digital energy crosses border at Budva CBCC 2021

3 of the first milestones of Croatia’s journey, presented by Tanja Polegubic, CEO of Saltwater Nomads

October 5, 2021 – A milestone in the development of the regional digital nomad ecosystem, as a strong Croatian contingent attended the first day of the Budva Cross-Border Coworking Conference (CBCC 2021) in Montenegro.

“The Croatian digital nomad permit is a good thing,” Zagreb Digital Nomad ambassador for September said Dean Kuchel, “but the next thing I want to see is a digital nomad passport for the region. I want to be able to traveling in the Balkans with my digital nomad passport. ”

That passport may not be here yet, but Kuchel took his usual passport and made it to the airport after a busy month in Zagreb. Destination Montenegro and the first CBCC 2021, which kicked off today under bright sunshine in Budva. He was part of a large contingent from Croatia that traveled to Montenegro to share his expertise at the conference.

CBCC 2021, which is part of the EU funded 2CODE project, an extension of the original CODE project, with 5 partners in 4 cities (Tuzla, Mostar, Budva and Zadar) and 3 countries, was presented as follows on the official website :


From Monday October 4 to Wednesday October 6, 2021, regional and global experts will meet on the Montenegrin coast, and in a series of conferences and round tables will deal with topical issues and contribute with their experience to a better understanding of the trend. Conference attendees will discuss the concept and perspectives of digital nomads, the potential of the Western Balkans, the experience of digital nomads who have stayed in the region, as well as the packages of the coworking spaces that make up the Code Hub network at Mostar. , Nikšić, Tuzla and Zadar will provide this target group in the coming period. The two-day conference will also address the regional coworking scene, the impact of the global pandemic on the industry, the challenges faced by coworking managers over the past 18 months, but also the benefits of working remotely, and the prospects for the development of new coworking spaces. communities.

Although I was unable to attend the event personally due to professional commitments, it was encouraging to see so many actors and precursors of the Croatian digital nomad scene contributing to what seemed like a very absorbing day. Having participated in three of the most important DN events in the last 12 months – the very first DN conference in Croatia (Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads), the Dubrovnik Digital Nomads-in-Residence program and Zagreb Digital Nomad Week & Zagreb Digital Ambassador Program nomadic.


No less than four of those Dubrovnik DNs in residence were there – they came for a month in April for the Dubrovnik program, but it looks like they can’t stay away from it – or told the wider DN community how great Croatia is.


Jan de Jong, the sponsor of the Croatian Digital Nomad License and co-founder of the Croatian Digital Nomad Association, was also in attendance. Seen as an inspiring leader in a growing ND region, de Jong spoke of the great interest in Croatia, as well as the importance of collaboration within the region. De Jong actively supports digital nomad initiatives – including visas – in neighboring countries.


Tanja Polegubic of Saltwater Nomads and architect of Zagreb and Dubrovnik events (as well as co-founder of Digital Nomad Association Croatia, opened her presentation with this Times article a month ago. A photo of Dubrovnik chosen to lead an article on digital nomadic visas This shows that this region is in the spotlight with Dubrovnik only a short distance from all other hubs It creates an opportunity to make a “nomadic trail”.


Polegubic presented Zadar and the coastal regions in general, on the problems and potential solutions, stressing the need to amplify. As a Croatian city participating in 2CODE, Zadar has made great progress and is leading the way with many initiatives. He was one of the first players in the region to open COIN in 2015. He has since passed on this know-how to these other hubs. All coworking spaces are public. Plus, there’s more to come, including a fab lab.

He has organized smart city conferences, hackathons and bootcamps. The hotel industry is moving there, with Falkensteiner being part of Digital Nomad Valley Zadar, the first digital nomadic village in Croatia.

Recently, the first Croatian unicorn, infobip, moved its acquired SHIFT conference to Zadar. He’s a rising star.


It was fantastic to see how enthusiastically the city and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board seized and embraced the digital nomad opportunity, and how willing they were to bring their knowledge and experiences to the region afterwards. the two projects with Saltwater Nomads and TCN. Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepsic and Director of Dubrovnik Tourism Board Ana Hrnic presented their journey so far, including the roadmap and implementation phase, as well as an example good practice.


It was very encouraging to learn that some of the quick win recommendations have already been implemented, including three co-working spaces in different parts of the city – Lazareti (Center), Red History Museum (Gruz) and Sunset Beach ( Lapad).

No regional digital nomadic event would be complete, it seems, without the presence of Zagreb-based Steve Tsentserenky. MT was the seventh recipient of the Croatian digital nomad permit and has become one of its most effective ambassadors. His article on the digital nomadic lifestyle in Split on CNBC News was the spotlight of the day, and the accompanying video above has racked up more than 275,000 views.

Not all of the heroes who have made a great contribution to the history of the Croatian digital nomad were in front of the camera. A big thank you also to Nick Hathaway, whose heroism at Zagreb Digital Nomad Week delivered a live broadcast to 7 locations across the city in 7 days, despite several logistical challenges, was immense. Nick already uploaded a vlog on Day 1, which you can see above.


There are plenty of them in store on Day 2 – and you can see the full schedule here.

For more news and articles on digital nomads in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN section.

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