Netflix Scary Movie Guide: 10 Best Movies To Stream In 2020

It’s the perfect time of year to sit down with a horror movie and your choice of pumpkin-flavored snacks and drinks! We’ve rounded up the best scary movies on Netflix right now for your viewing pleasure. Whether you’re looking for a genre classic, a modern arthouse scare, or something just a tiny bit scary, there’s a movie on this list for you.

This indie horror film belongs to the found footage genre and is super scary and disturbing. It tells the story of a freelance videographer who takes a job posted by a stranger online – and it’s a wild ride from there. The sequel, Creep 2, is also on Netflix and well worth watching.

Google user rating: 82% liked

This creepy movie on Netflix is ​​another gem of found footage that anyone deeply claustrophobic should probably skip. Set in the catacombs beneath Paris, Frace, As Above So Below is about a group of modern-day treasure hunters who find themselves in mortal danger.

Google user rating: 91% liked

A creepy supernatural Netflix Original movie that’s a twisty take on the classic haunted house story. The film tells the story of a caregiver who gets more than she bargained for in her new assignment.

Google user rating: 32% liked

House of 1000 Corpses goes extremely heavy on the gore. If you’re looking for the best horror movies on Netflix, this macabre flick is for viewers with strong bellies. Rob Zombie’s comedy-horror classic tells the story of a family of psycho-killers.

Google user rating: 84% liked

Tim Burton’s take on the classic Halloween tale of The Headless Horseman stars Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci and Christopher Walken. It’s a good balance between supernatural, bloody, weird and mysterious.

Google user rating: 91% liked

This surprisingly touching horror/mystery film tells the story of a group of friends who reunite after the death of one of their own to go for a hike in the Scandinavian wilderness. What happens next will have you sleeping with all the lights on.

Google user rating: 82% liked

This Netflix original movie is based on a Stephen King Novella, so you know it’s going to be full of twists and turns. When a young couple pulls up to the side of the road, they hear a voice coming from a field of – you guessed it – tall grass, pleading for help. This movie is very scary, supernatural and just a bit bloody.

Rating from Google users: 60% liked

Winchester is great for a lot of reasons – the main two being that it’s based on a true story (which always makes a movie that much scarier) and that it stars Queen Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester. Winchester is based on the story of Sarah Winchester and the famous Winchester Mystery House. Sarah was the heiress to her late husband’s fortune. He made his money selling guns and Sarah thought her house was haunted by the spirits of people hurt by her husband’s products.

Google user rating: 82% liked

An instant modern horror classic, Sinister is a supernatural horror film on Netflix that incorporates elements of true crime and found footage and is a rare example of well-executed jump scares. Plus, you can see a lot of Ethan Hawke in a cardigan — if you’re into that sort of thing.

Google user rating: 85% liked

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This campy, gory horror-fantasy movie is a super fun and thrilling watch that features supernatural elements, demons, epic fight scenes, and cabin-in-the-woods action.

Google user rating: 88% liked

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