Mother City ranks as ‘premier’ destination for remote work

Cape Town now ranks among the “best cities” in the world for remote workers, according to a new study.

The city says the study, conducted by the global rental housing platform Nestpick, ranked Cape Town in 16th place on the list of 75 cities. The ranking is higher than that of places such as New York, Athens and Barcelona, ​​he notes.

The index score was based on a range of factors, including cost of living, infrastructure, leisure activities and overall quality of life, depending on the city.

“This once again proves that we are a top notch and affordable destination for digital nomads, and reinforces our call for a remote work visa, which was also a factor in the Nestpick index,” said the Alderman James Vos, member of the Mayor’s Committee for Economic Opportunities. and asset management.

Earlier this year, the city partnered with Cape Town Tourism to unveil its “Digital Nomad” initiative, aimed not only at boosting tourism, but also at positioning the mother city as the ideal destination for remote working.

Vos says digital nomads typically stay longer than 90 days in a destination.

It submits proposals to the national government to enact provisions in the immigration law allowing a remote work visa for a period of more than three months.

“The city’s business and investment team has already incorporated this position into our strategic marketing approach known as the Six Pillars: Visit, Live, Work, Study, Play and Invest in Cape Town.”

According to Vos, the city also recently hosted a webinar on remote working to hear tourism and hospitality stakeholders explain how and why to appeal to digital nomads.

“The remote working model isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay. Let us take full advantage of what we as a city can offer these 21st century workers.

“By encouraging more of them to choose Cape Town, we will stimulate the economy as they will spend more time and money in our city. They will also amplify the message to their friends, family and networks that Cape Town is a prime destination for work and leisure, ”he concludes.

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