Money saving tips for living abroad

Thanks to its affordable cost of living, vibrant urban culture and access to quality health care, Medellin has become popular with remote workers like Corritta Lewis and her family taking a gap year.

“We ended up in Colombia because we heard the cost of living was comparable to Mexico and there was a lot of culture, so we took the plunge,” says Lewis. “The [air] the tickets were cheap, and even though we didn’t know much about the country, we thought why not? It turned out to be an amazing experience because we learned a lot about the culture and met many Afro-Colombians.

While accommodation in Medellin can be more expensive than in other expat cities, she points out that quality apartments cost between $600 and $800 per month.

“Laurel is our absolute favorite neighborhood because it’s more of a local community, but it’s still safe. There are plenty of smaller stores to support in the area, so this is by far the best for digital nomads who want to be in the community.

When it comes to getting around, Lewis eschews Uber and opts instead to use DiDi and local taxis, which are cheaper but usually cash-based.

“Take the time to learn the currency as it is very different in Colombia, and it can be difficult to understand. Also be sure to check your money when you get change; you will notice that many locals check for authenticity money Run your fingers over the money to make sure it feels good Counterfeits are not made with quality materials so you can feel the difference.

INSIDER TIP“Activities in Medellin are very affordable,” says Lewis. “You can enjoy a walking tour of Comuna 13 for a $10 donation, the Botanical Garden is free, and we spend a lot of time at Parque Explora which is a huge interactive museum for $30 (for four people). ”

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