Mistakes made by digital nomads: founder of the Kohub coworking space

  • The life of a digital nomad – someone who works remotely while traveling the world – seems glamorous.
  • James Abbott, who founded KoHub, the digital nomadic coworking destination, says there are a few challenges people face when they start trying to work remotely.
  • Common mistakes of digital nomads include not having a job before starting to travel, not finding community, and not properly balancing work and pleasure.
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KOH LANTA, Thailand – The life of a digital nomad seems glamorous: constant trips to beautiful beaches, cheap stays in secluded hostels, and cheap beers with a community of like-minded travelers.

The reality is not always so idyllic.

James Abbott founded KoHub, a coworking space on the Thai island of Koh Lanta, in 2014. KoHub has grown into a popular digital nomadic destination, offering beach access, a thriving community, and a laid-back vibe for people considering to work remotely in a magnificent destination.

Business Insider recently asked Abbott about some of the missteps he’s seen over the past six years while running Kohub. Here are four of the common mistakes he says he sees digital nomads make over the years.


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